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The Murder of Donald Trump and His Family
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The Murder of Donald Trump and His Family


The greatest conflict of the 21st century West is the civil war boiling between the right and the left. Leftism is defection through lies and the 20th century is the story of leftism solidifying its stronghold throughout the West. A society structured around lies, like a pyramid scheme, is a society destined for collapse. The left per definition lacks self-insight — the moderate leftist has little to no idea of how far his serious fellow leftist is willing to go, similar to how the moderate Muslim denies how far the serious Muslim is willing to go.

I am reminded of a scene from the movie No Country for Old Men. A middle-aged man drives a car through the desert. He is flagged by a police car behind him. Obediently he stops his car on the side of the road. Behind him a man steps out of the police car with black hair up to his shoulders. The black haired man wears a black jacket and black pants; no police uniform. The civilian turns down the window, asks what is the problem. Black hair man says: please step out of the car. Civilian repeats the question, black hair man repeats the request. Civilian steps out of the car, wonders what is going on. Black hair man is calm as the eye of the storm, oozes authoritarian confidence. He asks the civilian to stand still while he raises his hand to the civilian’s forehead. The civilian sees some kind of hose in that hand, connected to a gas container which the black hair man is carrying with his other arm. Civilian squeezes his eyebrows together, but does not move. Black hair man pulls the trigger and a pulse of high-pressure air is shot into the civilian’s forehead. Instant death.

As the viewer you know the civilian is in danger from the first moment the civilian is signalled. The black hair man is Javier Bardem after all, the sociopathic killer antagonist of the movie. But the civilian does not know this. He knows something is amiss but he cannot place it. Javier knows the civilian knows something is amiss, but gets him to comply with his orders anyway. Inferred authority is powerful.

The dissident right is the civilian slowly figuring out he is being led to his own death. There is no destination to the plans of the left but the final destination. The train of the left has no brakes: its answer to any sort of chaos is always to create more chaos. Lies begat more lies. Javier is the logical final result: the murder of bystanders, the willingness to kill half the world in order to bring about a non-existent utopia, or as Jim likes to call it, immanentising the eschaton. Jim incidentally draws this conclusion the clearest: leftism inevitably leads to the mass murdering of anyone perceived slightly more to the right of the executioner, or in plain language: the execution of anyone that slightly irks the executioner. See Robespierre’s French revolution, see the murder of the Romanovs, see the millions executed by communists in the 20th century. The left has no brakes.

As Ctulhu moves ever further leftwards leftists will see more enemies everyday, will to their shock discover that enemies were in their midst all along! The weak leftists shall be purged and the strong leftists shall demand Justice in the form of Divine Violence. Trump, long may be his reign and fertile may be his descendants, is the singular beacon of hope against this madness, and he is therefore demonised by the left to no end. Once the left regains formal power (besides the deep state power they already wield) the hatred towards Trump will undoubtedly erupt, ostensibly beyond control. Thus, on the current path, the murder of Donald Trump and his family is a very real possibility.


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