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The REAL Story of How a Transracial Family was Publicly Trolled
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The REAL Story of How a Transracial Family was Publicly Trolled

By Lana Lokteff |

Image source: Twitter

Recently I made a video called, White Girls, Black Dolls: Destroying White Bias. I won't summarize the entire video but I will tell you the real backstory as well as how a woman named Kristen Howerton, who is striving to be a public figure, became briefly featured in my video. In response to Kristen's article titled, "How I became the target of hundreds of white supremacists from a video of Christmas morning" and to the New York Slimes piece, "When a Public Family Is Publicly Attacked," here is the real story.

Image source: Twitter

The Viral Video

It all began when leftist media began slandering a home video on Youtube featuring two adorable little White girls receiving black dolls for Christmas, calling it shocking and racist, that they weren't out of their minds with glee for receiving black dolls. One of the girls cried and threw the doll. As I say in the video, it is unclear why the little girl cries and throws the black doll but according to leftists, it can only be because of that boogeyman called racism and his pal learned bias!

So I decided to make a video on how it's perfectly natural and healthy for White girls to want White dolls because it is. We all know that if a video was made of black girls getting White dolls for Christmas and if one cried, assuming it was because the doll was White, leftists would be calling it a positive healthy bias.

The Counter Video to the Viral Video

Late in my research, after the video was almost done, I came across a counter video called, "Two white girls get black dolls for Christmas." The tagline read, "An alternate picture of what happens when white girls are given black dolls. In response to the viral video in which two white girls pitch a fit."

It was clear the mother who released the video, Kristen Howerton, was trying to ride the wave of media publicity surrounding the other video debacle as a way to drive more traffic to her blog containing ads and sponsors. When I clicked into her Youtube channel, she had 8 years worth of footage showing off what she calls her "transracial family." I looked deeper and found her blog was highly focused on transracial parenting and race galore, while claiming to be "post-racial." Why is black Barbie on clearance at Target? White racism she says!

She writes, "It is only through the lens of white privilege that we can ignore how this kind of "like me = likeable" subtext shapes the way our children interact with others."

I felt sorry for her two White daughters because their "psychotherapist" mother is essentially telling them, always wanting the doll that represents you is wrong because it will lead you to hate other races so picking the black doll is your moral duty, an obligation to the church of diversity.

I found out that this attention seeking mother pimps her black adopted kids to the media, doing interviews all about her "transracial family." Seriously, it's like she is showing them off in a circus. In truth, I felt sorry for her two young White daughters and her adopted black sons who must feel out of place and confused by her behavior. I thought it was cruel and selfish to the children. Great, you adopted black kids, now shut up and raise them but that's not what she does. She uses these kids as a political tool, all the while seeking media publicity and ad sales. At one point I questioned if she was an actress hired by pro-immigration lobbyists or the adoption industry, like a commercial for "transracial families" and foreign born babies.

Kristen Howerton

I thought Kristen was a perfect example of a woman fabricated entirely from leftist anti-White propaganda, reciting the anti-White doctrine to a tee. My video was critical commentary exploring racial politics, much more than children choosing plastic dolls, but rather why adults find it so important to control what doll a child picks. I selected various footage of Kristen from media interviews, TedX, her YouTube, her blog and her public Facebook & Instagram. She has launched her family and clearly herself as public figures so I inserted a few minutes worth of material showing her and her family into my video as part of a social commentary, which was nearly 40 minutes. She claims I "stole" her material.

Once my video was released, Kristen Howerton sent me a tweet, telling me to pull the entire video down or she'd get her attorney. My oh my that's arrogant considering how she is in the video for only a few minutes. Beyond "Fair Use," Kristen has launched herself, along with her family, as part of a political discussion for political debate and it has real consequences. Guess what Kristen, not everyone is going to agree with you. If you voice your political /social opinion in interviews and public platforms, expect backlash.

Image source: Twitter

Troll Raid

Well Kristen didn't get the social brownie points she was hoping for launching her transracial adoption propaganda. Instead, an army of internet trolls hammered her for a couple days!

Image source: Twitter

Image source: Twitter

The best part is, I did not know any of them! It happened organically on its own and there was no ring leader, no point of inception, no planned targeted attack. Thanks goys!

Kristen wrote a piece called, "How I became the target of hundreds of white supremacists from a video of Christmas morning." She wanted to "provide the backstory. A timeline of the hate..." where she could cry racism and garner more publicity, hopefully getting more ads and sponsors.

Kristen assumes hundreds of people who "attacked" her online were "White supremacists" as part of an organized, targeted mission led by who? BY ME! Yes I had a guttural laugh and enjoyed that one. Hey that's pretty progressive that all those boys want me to lead them! So she isn't supporting girl power now? Apparently, I being the Queen Ant blew the horn, rounded up my worker ants and instructed them to pillage Kristen's family. That's what she falsely claims.

In my video, I simply played her own words and I did not alter her words. What people heard, was her opinion.

She also claims "a White supremacist organization" was behind this. Who is this "organization" seeking to dominate and enslave all races? Oh that's the one she says I lead! Haha. You have to understand, a White supremacist in Kristen's mind is one who says it's healthy for White girls to love White dolls and for White people to want to live with other White people.

The funniest thing of all is that I had nothing to do with the hundreds of people who hammered her in trolling posts, clearly designed to agitate her. It was so obvious these posts were trolling her for a reaction. It was epic and I didn't ask a single person to do it. She was ultimate troll bait, a sucker and I had no part in orchestrating what bloomed. The trolling raid organically happened all on its own by people I have never met. If Kristen makes the audacious claim that I am behind an orchestrated attack against her family, present the proof. I simply critiqued your own political and social views.

Kristen's Twitter

At one point, Kristen even tweeted this:

Image source: Twitter

Who the hell is this guy? No one knows but apparently he is affiliated with me, "a prominent White supremacist" and Kristen is certain of it. In her mind the only opposition to leftist insanity is Republicans.

One quick search of Stockman and you find he is a Republican so Kristen is trying to link a Republican with "White supremacy." That's original.

Image source:

On a side note, she identifies as a Democratic Socialist. Living in Sweden I can confirm that this system ONLY works in a very homogenous country of true equals. There's a reason why Democratic Socialism did not arise in Africa but in homogenous Nordic, as in White countries. Kristen is foolish thinking Democratic Socialism is going to work with her multiracial, multicultural wonderland.

She further lies and claims:

Image source: Twitter

Every single one is a Trump supporter? Yes folks, Trump is Hitler with his semi-cucked border policies, free global market economics and strong support for Israel. Trump trolls are having way too much fun.

As I was reading the tweets rolling by, it was clear none of Kristen's gullible followers researched the actual facts, or watched Kristen in the video to know exactly how her family was portrayed, let alone WHY people were making fun of her. Typical liberals, labeling and making judgments before knowing the facts.

Image source: Twitter

The excellence of Buzzfeed "journalism." No this did not start "b/c she posted a pic of her black son." You call yourself a journalist Morgan?

Image source: Twitter

Well, like a predictable liberal who is miserable at arguing facts, she hit block and ran to the establishment to report and complain on every single tweet.

Image source: Twitter

This is how Kristen handles people who do not agree with her very public statements: Shout "racist," "offensive," "abusive," and report anyone who says anything bad about you or she'll tell.

Reporting to the Establishment

It turns out she was Googling herself searching for anything posted about her in forums and trying to have the forums shut down. Clearly an advocate of free speech, yet I have not heard of a rightist trying to shut down a leftist because it never happens.

She writes:

"The racists circled their wagons on 4chan and other online white supremacy forums and came after me. "

I personally don't have an active account to any online forum.

Trembling Eagle on Twitter blamed 4chan and tells Kristen to learn the truth about 4chan from The Daily Beast, an anti-White commie smut rag that puts out titles like, "'No Blacks' Is Not a Sexual Preference. It’s Racism," all about how Whites are racist if they don't want sex with non-Whites.

Image source: Twitter

Leftists have been trying to shut down any and all opposing views for awhile now, including 4chan. They use excuses like "hate speech" and "violence" but we all know they are the violent dictators seeking total thought policing.

Another forum she specifically went after was The Right Stuff's It's not the first time TRS has been attacked because the entire establishment talks like Kristen does. There's nothing brave about her work. She couldn't bare people criticizing her so she had her fellow transfamilies complain on the host of the TRS forum.

If anyone can simply write a company to complain that their feelings were hurt and have content removed by request, this country is in big trouble.

Kristen's View

Back to her side of the "backstory," she claims she called out the "sacred cows of White supremacy," which created the "firestorm." Yet, she provides no further information on what these supposed "sacred cows" are. In reality, she is floored that people disagreed with her political/social views, calling out her hypocrisy and double standards. Calling out her lie that it was not 2 girls you gave black dolls to on Christmas morning but only 1, 1 that was not as happy as her big sister who got the White doll. Shame on your Kristen for lying to the world, whoring for media attention about how you gave BOTH your daughters black dolls for Christmas and how you are so much better for it.

Kristen moves on to discuss:

"The paranoia around black men that these guys hold . .. "

Kristen was hammered with black on White crime stats and rape statics in the EU thanks to the cultural enrichment and diversity out of Africa & the Middle East into Europe. ridiculous and ignorant as these people are, they are one thing: committed. Granted, this is probably because they are living empty lives with nothing better to do," says Kristen.

She makes grand accusations of people she has never met.

White guys standing up for their women and folk is "nothing better to do" according to Kristen. However, her parading around on talk shows showing off her black kids like pets is a noble act.

Avoiding the Argument

She refers to the backlash coming from "uneducated idiots." Their criticism was "irrational and repetitive." Talk about labeling! I thought liberals were beyond that. Yet she cannot answer the most basic questions of all.

Why is it wrong for White girls to prefer White dolls? Why must only White countries and White people "diversify?" Why is it only White people are called racist? Why isn't Africa, India or China told to become "diverse?" Why is it good for White girls to choose the black doll but bad when black kids choose the White doll? Why is it good for black kids to choose black dolls but bad when White kids choose White dolls? Why can't there be a White country but a black one is ok? Why is only White pride wrong?

According to Kristen these questions are "straw man arguments."

Image source: Twitter

She has spent more time talking about trolls who have nothing to do with me, than discussing the subject matters of my video. At any point, she can properly debunk my claims but she doesn't because she can't. Yet this woman is claiming to be brave enough to "have a real conversation about race."

She insists that I present my:

"videos with a mix of history, politics, and science, relevance-be-damned, and speaks in a quick tone like she’s trying to imitate an episode of Crash Course in History. However, her “data” is full of holes."

Yet she has not rebutted any of my evidence in the video, not a single point I've raised has been deconstructed by Kristen.

Kristen claims, my:

"currency is fear and xenophobia, and her customers are people who aren’t smart enough to smell the bullshit."

Is this supposed to clever because it's ridiculous. Since you watched the video Kristen you should know the "fear & xenophobia" bullshit is straight out of the Frankfurt School, a tactic used to silence those who are in opposition. It will not work on me. But hey, you still haven't answered the question, why isn't Africa told to become "diverse?"

I don't have customers, unlike Kristen who is pimping her transracial family for attention and financial gain. I have a radio show and occasionally make reviews and political/social commentaries in the form of videos. Everything I make is free to the public. I do not rely on ads or sponsors, nor am I an organization, political party or do I lead any kind of group. My #1 focus is truth, no matter how offensive. Everything I make is for educational purposes. None of my videos are monetized.

By the way, here's her idea of what White culture is... " I do promote diversity. But I can also appreciate a good English scone, and I’ve never met a kale salad I didn’t like, which is about the Whitest thing anyone could ever eat."

If she thinks White culture is kale salad and scones, she does not know what she is missing. She clearly does not know what White European culture is.

Kristen gasped because I called a Jew, Jewish. Why do liberals have such a hard time with biological truths? Maybe my reference is to their religion. She doesn't know. Would she call an Asian an Asian or a Christian a Christian? So you can't make a reality based observation when a Jew is involved? Is "Jewish" one of her sacred cows?

But Kristen is also a liar claiming that my:

"twitter feed is a curated list of crimes committed by people of color."

Uh, ok. She must mean my posts on the ongoing rape and violence of European women (and men) on the European continent because of mass immigration by non-White men. That's right, if someone is not White, we cannot mention their bad deeds. Shh!

Followers of Rage Against the Minivan

A follower of Kristen, AKAJaneRandom, deleted the following tweet after I RT'd it. She asked Kristen:

“My 10 year old White child woke up this morning and said I am ashamed to be White. How should I respond?”

Image source:

This is the tweet she deleted.

How awful. This is psychological abuse. It's clear her type of followers do not teach their White children to be proud of their heritage, their people and their race but you know they teach their nonWhite children to be prideful. It is abusive to teach your kid to feel ashamed of being who they are, White.

This is the type of people following Kristen Howerton, self hating Whites. To her followers, White Pride is evil n' dirty and leads to concentration camps and gas chambers.

Image source:

By the way, this video at the 9min mark says White people can't have White pride because of the KKK.

Kristen's followers are mostly Whites with mixed or non-White children who preach the doctrine of White privilege and White guilt. They really are like a cult.

Another Kristen follower:

Image source: comments

That's right, "diversity" trumps safety, nature & quality of life, even though diversity creates less social trust.

There are some women who do anything if it's in style. Right now, adopting non-Whites or having mixed kids is in style. Do they consider how the black child they uprooted from Africa is going to feel as an adult? No.

Guiding White Children to Make the Non-White Choice

Kristen writes, "it's a logical fallacy" to suggest that "I don't allow my girls to like white dolls."

I never said that. Clearly, Kristen you bought a White doll for your daughter for Christmas (but told everyone it was black). However, it is a logical fallacy to claim that White girls don't want black dolls because of learned racism and that is has nothing to do with innate biological preference or that if White girls don't learn to play with non-White dolls, it will lead to hating other races, which you have suggested.

You shamed two little girls for not being thrilled about black dolls and said it would've been different if they were exposed to more non-White dolls from an early age yet you had zero evidence that the little girl in the video cried because the doll was black.

It's social engineering to steer your children into making what you think is the "correct" choice. You have admitted to guiding your children to act against their natural impulse. You deny that same race preference is a healthy natural impulse.


I'm just saying . . . we should all be aware of that immature yet natural tendency children (and some adults) have to prefer sameness. In so many areas, our children need our guidance to grow beyond certain tendencies. Play is such a unique teaching opportunity.

Kristen Shaming & Exploiting Children

Kristen wrote about the first viral video:

"..she is filming because she thought the reaction would make for a funny video to share on facebook. It's gross."

First of all, she does not know the motives of the woman making the video. She also has no idea why the little girl cried and threw the doll.

Secondly, she publically shamed two innocent little girls calling it, "GROSS" that they assumedly weren't thrilled by the black dolls. She says she didn't post a link to the video to respect their privacy but it was news all over the internet and of course her followers would quickly find out.

Then she publically used her own daughters to show moral superiority against the "bad" little girls who wanted White dolls.

She publicly tried to shame two innocent girls and now she is upset because I have called out her hypocrisy.

The Reality of White Girls Who Want White Dolls

In her own conclusion, she says:

"WE are to blame. ... and the white majority that doesn't even see the problem with encouraging your kids to choose dolls that look just like them."

There you go folks. It's a PROBLEM encouraging your children to want dolls that represent their people.

In this post she makes it loud and clear that it is "beyond disturbing" in her mind that White children and White mothers want White dolls that resemble them. As a "psychotherapist" she should know it's a natural response for people to be attracted to what looks or reminds them of them. Young girls are attracted to dolls fairly quickly and show a natural nurturing instinct at a young age. They want to play with dolls that look like them, which is based on biology. The young girl wants to one day have a baby and pass on her genes. The baby will genetically look like her, continuing her line. Of course, unless your blonde daughter has a child with a black man. Then, she will genetically be closer to a neighbor's child who is White on both sides over her own mixed race baby. The biology of inherent same race preference and ethnic genetic interests is a massive subject that deserve volumes in itself.

There is zero evidence that if your child doesn't want to play with non-White dolls, it will lead to hate and violence.

It's illogical for Kristen to assume:

"It is only in the comfortable seat of denial that we can pretend that this preference for same-race dolls won't extend into our children's treatment of minority children that don't look like them."

She further creates problems for her adopted black sons by raising them to constantly think they're being treated differently simply because of their skin color and for no other reason. In her Yahoo Parenting video, she said she constantly checks in on her black kids about how they're feeling as a minority, lets them know they'll have challenges because they're black and tells them they'll face prejudice from cops. She is essentially teaching them to be cautious around White people because Whites judge every black person they encounter. She is agitating and creating race problems.

Attention Seeker

By associating my arguments with independent tweets and opinions from people that I don't know, Kristen has exaggerated, misrepresented, and fabricated an argument in order to present her own position as reasonable, and mine as unreasonable. This is classic guilt by association fallacy.

She was partially trolled for using and exploiting innocent children for publicity. Then, she used that event to make herself into a self proclaimed heroine of diversity and martyr for the cause, taking hits from "White supremacists." She thrives on this victimization as further proof of how racist America is and how much work she has left to do. This becomes her feedback loop that justifies her efforts.

She ran to The New York Times crying racism, seeking attention.

Image source: Twitter

In many pictures I have seen, her black children are always closest so she can cling to them like trophies for the press.

Her Dishonesty Undermines Rational Debate

For instance, Kristen claims I present "pseudofacts" yet she provides NO counter argument, NO historical reference and NO scientific research. Why is that? Well I must assume it is because she has none.

If you want to talk about pseudo science let's talk about the fraud Franz Boaz, the fraud who said race does not exist. Kristen believes this to be true, so then why does she keep talking about race?

You see, Kristen was once a Republican, later went to school and like all college kids came out a Marxist repeating the same lines programmed to her. She did not learn for herself, rather she was indoctrinated. The funny thing is she doesn't even realize her ideas are Marxist. She is a product of the anti-White establishment that says: White privilege is real but race does not exist, Whites are evil, only Whites can be racist, White pride is wrong, blacks are imprisoned more because of White racism, etc. etc.

Kristen claims many times in this article, that:

"Lana’s recent video about dolls was chock full of straw man arguments. So were ALL of her tweets to me."

Yet offers no break down, no proof. She does this in an attempt to convince her gullible readers so they get the story from her rather than reading, watching and thinking for themselves.

Image source: Twitter

In relation to this, she states:

"But the reason I won’t be debating Lana is because I don’t engage in debates with people who rely on straw man arguments because it’s a waste of time. And an insult to my intelligence."

Dear Kristen you have not explained how any of my arguments are a straw man. You have not proven anything. You saying so does not make it so. It seems you call everything you do not agree with a "straw man" and pretend that the evidence, research, history and sources that I have brought forward in the video are invalid.

Avoiding the issue is not winning the argument. She avoids having a real conversation on race. She dismisses the evidence I have presented because it contradicts her world view and she is more comfortable avoiding that instead of addressing it head on. That's why her article lacks evidence and proof that refutes my position.

Avoiding Real Conversations on Race

Kristen says, "I’ve always viewed my blog as a space to promote social justice and racial reconciliation..."

In the end, she adopts black kids as a means to "reconcile" because she suffers from White guilt, programmed by Marxist indoctrination, confirmed in the media, entertainment and education. She bought the lie that Whites are evil because of slavery, colonialism and Jim Crow. She, a psychotherapist, is over compensating because she feels inferior and is now going out of her way to feel superior.

Hey Kristen, do you know that in South Africa blacks are mass murdering innocent Afrikaner's simply because they are White, even babies? Did you know slavery is still ongoing in Africa? Do you know how women are treated in Africa? What about the billions Africans receive in aid from White countries, even places like Sweden? Do you know about the White doctors in Africa curing malaria, std's and other diseases?

Kristen's Narrow World View

Contrary to Kristen's gross assumptions, I've been around the world, walked on every continent and have even been the first White person ever seen by tribes in the bush. I've been from North to South pole and everything in between. I've seen the world and it is majority non-White. The majority does not have Kristen's blonde hair and blue eyes. Europeans are the global minority and Europe is our home. Yet today we are told Europe is for EVERYONE, it's diversity. Yet when the Chinese flooded into Tibet it was genocide. We are told White girls choosing White dolls will encourage racism. No other people talk like this. This is White liberal pathology.

One day Kristen will have to face the double standards that apply only for White people and I hope she does out of respect for her ancestors.

Diversity for Kristen = White girls playing with non-White dolls

Diversity for me = separate homelands to honor and preserve differences. What I am suggesting is based on millions of years of evolution. I am the biggest advocate of true human biodiversity.

Kristen's Self-Righteousness

At the end of her sloppy diatribe with no counter arguments, she speaks of pity and ends by saying:

"...thank the Lord above that I’ve evolved way beyond the limiting mind of a white supremacist."

In her shallow view, entirely programmed by media and entertainment, me saying it's healthy for White girls to choose White dolls translates to, "She wants to suppress other races, hate them from her trailer and only associate with hillbillies." Reality is of course far more different. Yet nowhere in my video do I express hate. It's a biological fact that people prefer their own.

Kristen says:

"I really actually feel sad for these people. Sad for their miserable little lives in which trolling people with hate is fun. Sad for how sheltered they are. Sad that their world is so small. How pathetic it must be for them to spend their life avoiding things that involve non-European cultures. The experiences they will never have. The places they will never go. The people they will never meet. The food they’ll never eat."

She makes exaggerated assumptions of a "White supremacist" or people she has never met in the same way she thinks they make assumptions about blacks.

Straw Man

Lana: Why is it wrong for White girls to only choose White dolls? Why must only White people "diversify?" Why is only White pride wrong?

Kristen: Are you a racist, White supremacist, xenophobe, anti-Semite?

Saying that it's healthy for White girls to prefer White dolls and that it has nothing to do with "learned" bias does not mean fear, hate, or the desire to suppress or avoid all those who are not like me.

Kristen, you're fooling yourself to think you've "evolved way beyond" the most basic, primal aspect of all, genetic connection and preference to your own race. Blacks feel it. Asians feel it. Indians feel it. So do Eskimos. So do Jews. Why is it wrong only when Whites feel it?

The New York Times

The sickest thing of all is that Kristen LOVED the recent attention. Why else would she run to The NY Times? In the end, she will have to come to terms that her adopted black children will never feel as close to her as they will when they are surrounded by black folks and that's perfectly natural.

Image source: Twitter


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