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Treasonous Swedish Prime Minister Spits on Ancestors
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Treasonous Swedish Prime Minister Spits on Ancestors


Yesterday was the National Day of Sweden, celebrating 493 years since Gustav Vasa became the King in the North and humbled the eternal Jute before the fierce might of an empire in it’s infancy.

As per usual modern fashion, the treasonous politicians who sell Svea out like some cheap whore dedicated the day to praising the foreign invasion into the bleak shadow of the imperial heartland the country once was.

The Local:

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven launched his Swedish National Day speech in Botkyrka by declaring how lucky he was to be born in Sweden. Löfven also talked about the importance of empathizing with strangers.

“I’ve been lucky and I know that there are few other countries in the world where I would have had the opportunities I’ve had here,” Löfven said, during his speech in Hågelbyparken in Botkyrka to the south of Stockholm, in conjunction with the Swedish National Day celebrations.

“To empathize with a stranger, that is how we build the Swedish model. It is based on that we do our duty and on hard work,” he said.

Back in the good old days we kicked the strangers out.

Botkyrka is also a famous multicultural area with a lot of problems with drugs, crimes, ”honor” killings etc. etc. By holding his speech here, this Bilderberg attendee clearly shows where his loyalties are.

Race-mixing camp in Botkyrka

Roughly a hundred years ago, tens of thousands of farmers marched on Stockholm in order to raise their voices with their King at the treasonous policies of the liberal bourgeois government – mainly the fact they had scaled down our army. A few months later, WW1 broke out.

That’s the Swedish spirit. The common man’s duty to his fatherland, despite what happens.

”With God for King, Law and the soil of our fathers”

Sweden has only relatively recently been reduced to it’s bare heartland. 111 years ago, the friendly and harmonious union we had with Norway was dissolved due to politicians’ lust for power and their refusal to do anything that might reflect badly on their approval ratings. Now the same type of people wants to dissolve the very soul of this nation by destroying the blood.

They even admit it themselves:

Löfven also talked about using the engine of economic growth to bolster Sweden’s cohesion and solidarity.

“Growth is strong now. But it must be used to strengthen cohesion and solidarity.”

Their God is Mammon.

Mild revisionism aside though, this attempt to appropriate the National Day from Swedes is nothing new. In Stockholm – where a feminist party has power – has ceremonies for ”new citizens”.

Hail the coming collapse!


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