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Axis Mundi, Geomantic Talismans & Grail Quest

Cort Lindahl is a geomantic researcher and writer. His work can be found at or the Survialcell channel on Youtube. He returns to Red Ice to discuss his new book, Axis Mundi. We'll discuss how the ancients knew about geomancy and speculate on why important structures were built on specific ley lines, throughout various cultures. Then, Cort talks about his latest research, The Jefferson Ley Line. We'll discuss Thomas Jefferson's use of his home Poplar Forest as a veneration of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem and its use as an Axis from which ley lines are generated. Cort also talks about why the Georgia Guidestones were built and placed where they are and the true function of the octagonal Powder Magazine in Williamsburg, Virginia. Later, he shares an interesting perspective about the World Trade Center building as a talisman.

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