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Dark Occult Forces, Natural Law & The Artificial World

Mark Passio is behind the website,, which encapsulates many years of his extensive research and investigation into the nature of our shared reality. Through his presentation, videos and podcasts, he takes one on a journey of self-exploration, examining human consciousness and the way it relates to the universal problems which we currently face as a species. In this first hour, we'll discuss dark occult organizations as Mark was a former priest in the church of Satan. Mark talks about how these organizations are filtration centers in search of psychopaths for specific positions of power. These well-connected dark organizations rely on control, which is essential to shape a specific world view. He relates this to our current collective mass mind state. Then, he speaks about the mechanics of natural law, which all humankind is bound by and the effects of violating the natural law. In the second hour, Passio begins with how we get back on track from the artificial world to the natural world. The artificial world is based on buying a lie, not thinking for ourselves and fear verses gnosis. Mark says our world was not meant to be fail proof and he discusses the importance of learning by experience and taking responsibility. We'll talk about the ill effects of staying in the artificial world, which he says is a conscious plot. Our current world view is diseased and people defend their servitude. We talk about exercising tough love for those who need to wake up from lower levels of consciousness, which is holding us back.

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