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Global Energy Leap

Susan Joy Rennison has an honors degree in physics and geophysics. She is an independent researcher and author of "Tuning the Diamonds - Electromagnetism & Spiritual Evolution." Susan returns to Red Ice to discuss space weather and energy driven evolutionary changes. We begin discussing how an astronomer priest class has created a religion from science and talk about the connection between NASA and the Vatican. Then, Susan talks about an influx of energy flooding the Earth which is coming from a specific point in space. We’ll talk about how this will affect the planet, including a global energy leap. Susan presents an esoteric reason for why the elite are attempting to remove C02 from the atmosphere. She speaks of the arrival of plasma discharge which will change the planet, bringing us into a new era. In the second hour, we discuss the Mayan Calendar and scientific evidence proving an energy shift has been taking place. Then, Susan details the effects of space weather on the planet and also talks about the morphogenetic field, dark matter and fluxuating magnetic fields. We’ll also discuss Somatic hypermutation, the ability to adapt to rapid changes and relate this to ideas of evolution and de-evolution. Later, we’ll cover super storms and weather manipulation.

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Books or Other Material

Tuning the Diamonds
Space Weather & Earth's Paradigm Shift
Workbook - What is Space Weather?
Workbook - The Electrotechnics of the Heavens

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