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Multicultural Chaos, Peaceful Nationalism & White Guilt

Ramzpaul is known for his iconoclastic YouTube show that mocks cultural Marxism, mostly satire that pokes fun at the establishment. In the first hour, we'll discuss why ethnicity is important and how it stands in the way of the elite. We laugh at stupid things fanatically politically correct people say and the absurd notion of a one size fits all approach. Ramzpaul explains why he's a nationalist for everyone and how it can solve conflicts. We'll talk about foisted White guilt and the ridiculousness of "White privilege." Paul shares what he believes is at the root of "White guilt." In the second hour, we'll discuss how multiculturalism is creating unnecessary conflict. Cultural Marxists are waging war on reality, pushing their religion of egalitarianism. Ramzpaul speaks about nationalism as a way to preserve diversity. Later, we discuss being brave to speak out against the lies and hypocrisy and to stop self censorship in fear of being labeled the "r" word. At the end, Ramzpaul shares his opinion on how multiculturalism will play out.

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