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The Crimes of The Saturn Death Cult

Troy McLachlan returns to Red Ice Radio to finish up the program series on "The Saturn Death Cult". Our focus shifts from the mechanics of the Saturn system and the polar conjunction to the crimes of the Saturn death cult. Troy outlines his theory that explains why today's frightening sex-murder cults and secret societies are nothing more than a twisted, yet deadly legacy of a time when people yearned for the rebirth of the planet Saturn as our original sun and source of life and light. This is linked to the ancient practice of money lending and the consequences of this practice for today's international financial crisis. The conclusion is reached that there is a disturbing occult connection to the planet Saturn and its influence over a perceived worldwide collective march towards fulfilling a terrifying elitist agenda of 'justifiable' global genocide. "The Saturn Death Cult" discusses the existence of a worldwide malevolent occult culture that is fundamentally flawed to its core by an erroneous understanding of the ritualistic and mythological traditions surrounding the planet and god Saturn. This subsequently casts certain Saturnian-based occult groups and secret societies in a vastly different light where their trans-humanistic agendas are exposed for the fraudulent, yet dangerous nonsense they are - a set of rogue belief systems completely devoid of all legitimacy in their claims and ambitions to seek influence over the affairs of mankind.

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