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The Crystal Skulls & Easter Island Mystery

Born in France, and raised in Colorado, Childress began travelling at 19 in pursuit of archaeological interests. He moved in 1983 to Stelle, Illinois, a community founded by New Age writer Richard Kieninger. He had been given a book by Kieninger while touring Africa. Childress chronicled his explorations in his Lost Cities and Ancient Mysteries series of books, influenced by Kieninger's ideas. While in Stelle, Childress began publishing his own works and then those of other authors, presenting fringe-scientific theories regarding ancient civilizations and little-known technologies. He also established a travel business in partnership with Kieninger. In 1991, in nearby Kempton, Illinois, Childress, along with historian and linguist Carl W. Hart, founded the World Explorers Club, which travels to places he writes about, and a magazine, World Explorer. For the first hour of this program, David talks about his book, "The Crystal Skulls: Astonishing Portals to Man's Past". Topics Discussed: co-author Stephen Mehler, the technology behind the creation of the skulls, Mitchell-Hedges skull, Max skull, amethyst skulls, Maya, Aztec, Zapatec, Mixtec, Olmecs, the crystal skull legend, fake skulls, diamond drills, Germany, Maximilian von Habsburg, French antiquarian Eugène Boban, Augustin Fischer, obsidian mirrors, scyering, quartz crystal, radio receivers, communication and skulls used for manipulation by priests of ancient civilizations. For our members, we dive into the mystery of Easter Island, lost islands and cities of the Pacific, catastrophe and trans-cultural diffusion. Other Topics Discussed: Hiva (Hawaiki), legend and myth of the statues, location and placement of the statues, Thor Heyerdahl, Rongorongo, Tonga Island, Olmecs, the world wide use of the boomerang, Cham people, Bali, Indonesia, Pompeii Island. David also shares his favorite places around the world.

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