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Robert Newman has been researching Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart for over 15 years and authored the book, "The Manufacture of Mozart". He returns to the program to discuss his latest research into another icon, William Shakespeare. "Shakespeare was an 'inside job'. But officially approved. Oblivious to reason, and beyond conspiracy except as a form of diversion that is sometimes staged in the most genteel tea houses and polite debating societies." Robert will cover the period from Shakespeare's birth in Stratford on Avon up until his arrival in London. He'll give a description of the project to create the "Shakespeare" myth. In the second hour for members, Robert will talk about the details of the Shakespeare project itself and some of the leading personalities involved, which he says lasted up to and beyond the publication of the 'First Folio' some 7 years after his death in 1623. We'll discuss why anyone (or any group of writers) would deliberately invent the works of a super playwright and poet. We talk about Christopher Marlowe, the Phoenicians and the Venetians.

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