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The Triptych Enigma, Gothic Cathedrals & Freemasonry

Journalist, speaker and Freemason Richard Cassaro is the author of "Written In Stone: Decoding The Secret Masonic Religion Hidden In Gothic Cathedrals And World Architecture." The book uncovers a lost wisdom tradition that was practiced globally in antiquity, found memorialized in pyramids, triptychs, and identical images worldwide. The central tenets of this tradition have been perpetuated in western "secret societies." The most visible of these is the so-called "Masonic fraternity," which according to Richard is an age-old order whose ranks have included Europe's gothic cathedral builders and America's founding fathers. We’ll discuss "the triptych enigma," something Richard has found evidence for around the world. What does this architectural secret symbolize? In the second hour we discuss Freemasonry today vs. in the ancient days and the significant differences between operative and speculative Freemasonry. Is there a conspiracy in the upper ranks of the Scottish Rite? We also cover Lucifer worship and the speculation that Masonry has been infiltrated by Luciferians. Later, we talk about a second renaissance, seeking true knowledge and the internal quest. Richard also talks about the hijacking of spirituality and the significance of one fulfilling their destiny and following their dreams.

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