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UKIP: Controlled Opposition?

Jack Sen was a United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) prospective Member of Parliament for northern England before being unceremoniously, and quite publicly, suspended by his party one week prior to the General Election for attempting to broach the subjects of indigenous displacement in Britain, and raising the issue of the genocide waged against the Boer people in South Africa. Jack begins with a bit of history on how he became attracted to UKIP in the first place, and explains the series of events leading up to his suspension. He details the election process and distinguishes the challenges that are faced by a party that is fundamentally very anti-European Union, relating that the fear of an economic crash is driving many people to continue to vote for inclusion within the EU. We discuss the decidedly pro-immigration standpoint of UKIP, which appears to be geared towards subverting British nationalism and ultimately bringing Islam to its doorstep to encourage the destabilization of anything resembling traditional societal values. Jack talks about the Twitter storm that ensued after he tweeted a comment about where Labour MP Luciana Berger’s loyalties lie. He raises several issues that point to UKIP funding and influence by elites with different ethnic interests than that of the British people. We look at the money trail that has all but buried the idea of Britain as a sovereign nation acting in its own best interests. We also consider the fringe issues associated with LGBT politics that are tirelessly publicized in the mainstream, diverting attention away from critical matters such as unemployment, broken families, depression, violence, rape, and the endless flood of migrants that are taxing resources, creating a cultural cacophony, and rapidly corroding Britain’s unique ethos. At the end, we shine a light on the parasitic façade of multiculturalism that is preventing Western civilization from embracing and proudly preserving its indigenous culture.

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