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Unscientific Cosmogony: Gravity, Quantum Physics & Einstein

Robert Otey has spent the past 25 years doing research into alternative Cosmology. He is behind the YouTube channel, 77Gslinger, where he has close to 700 videos relating to the Electric Universe, Sacred Geometry, Cymatics, and the work of Walter Russell, Viktor Schauberger, DB Larson, Nikola Tesla and others. Otey is the author of two books, “Free Energy and Free Thinking” and “Gravity is a Myth and Does Not Exist; Electricity is the Only Force in the Universe.”

Robert begins with an overview of the convincing evidence he has discovered that contradicts and debunks the flawed theoretical gravitation based/big bang cosmogony taught in academia. He states that his enormous body of work proves this is in fact an electric universe based upon the foundations of sacred geometry. He gives credit to the revolutionary free energy discoveries made by Schauberger, Tesla, Moray, and others who discarded the false models of explosion based, fuel sucking technology upheld to render astronomical profits for the world’s energy barons, war mongers and central bankers. Robert explains the main proofs behind the electric universe model and how these elements produce the effect we know as gravity. We discuss the model of magnetism, the field of quantum physics, and the nuclear atom theory. Robert talks about the two main foundations of quantum mechanics, The double-slit experiment and the Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. We look at the idea of relativism in science and the deceptive language of mathematics, along with the history of Einstein and his manufactured science. Further, we consider the birth of the Nobel Prize scene and the corresponding rise of National Socialism in Germany.

In the member segment, Otey gets into the heavily ethnocentrically promoted arena of Jewish inventions and the mythical “genius gene” that is supposedly responsible for a huge proportion of Nobel Prize winning scientific discoveries in physics. We discuss the cultural Marxist infiltration of academia and the shameless bid for control through junk technologies that is destroying Western civilization. We look at the achievements of Victor Schauberger, a nature based scientist from a long lineage of foresters, who engineered sophisticated tools based on his observations of the power of implosion. Robert touches on the subject of radiation and the nuclear scare scam that he says needs reexamining. We give some critical thought to the viability of free energy and what has been keeping this Earth preserving technology from replacing the current, colossally costly applications. Later, we examine the credibility of popularly upheld scientists like Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking, and we speculate as to why the bulk of modern scientific developments are keyed in on intensifying the death grip of control on humanity.

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Gravity is a Myth and Does not Exist; Electricity is the Only Force in the Universe

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