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Wholly Science

Dr. Johan Oldenkamp is an all-round scientific researcher, based in the Netherlands. He is the author of 25 books. The main title of his latest book is ‘Wholly Science,’ which we’ll detail in this interview. Johan will explain how science and religion do not offer genuine insights into the nature of our reality, only descriptions of all phenomena. The reason that both the universities and the churches offer misguidance is the artificial division between physics and metaphysics. He distinguishes the difference between source, proto and shadow worlds. Johan also covers the source code, yin yang, the primary 4 sources of the universe and 13 tones of creation. We briefly touch upon 2012 incoming energies and manifestations. In the second hour, we discuss how technology is viewed within Wholly Science. Then, we’ll discuss the body’s feedback system and caring for our body temple. Johan will talk about the cons of quantum physics and the wave particle duality, which he says is part of the shadow. We end on an interesting discovery he made at the Giza Plateau.

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