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London Wrecked By Mass Immigration

Ash Sharp is a writer and editor for Republic Standard, an independent online magazine that publishes original opinion pieces, commentary, and articles on philosophy and culture.

An audio version of this interview is available here.

Lana welcomes Ash to the program for a discussion about Republic Standard, an independent online magazine. We also engage in a wide-ranging conversation about Britain’s ongoing sociopolitical crisis. Ash tells us how he got started working as a writer and editor for Republic Standard. Our program then addresses the reduction of British national identity to one which is focused primarily on English football. Ash describes the shift in Britain as a transition from a vibrant exploratory ethos to a self-destructive, pathologized maternal culture, characterized by the archetypal Devouring Mother. We explore other topics such as the weaponized use of Cheddar Man; mass migration’s impact on British society; Pakistani grooming gangs; internet censorship; the erosion of free speech in the UK; and much more.

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London Wrecked By Mass Immigration



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