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Mainstream Paper Admits Foreigners Are Perpetrators of Gang Rapes in Sweden

Tobias Lindberg is the creator of (The Information War), a site dedicated to exposing globalism, corruption, and the dangers of multiculturalism. Lindberg is also a writer for the Nordic Resistance Movement's website and cooperates with the organization on various projects and activism. Simon Holmqvist has been a member of the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) since 2015 and he is the news editor of their website Holmqvist is a group manager for the organization and is part of planning two simultaneous demonstration in Sweden on the first of May. Simon is also participatory in the NRM local elections in Boden Municipality, Norrbotten County.

An audio version of this show is available here.

Henrik welcomes Tobias and Simon to the program for a discussion about recent concessions made by the Swedish mainstream media (MSM). Henrik explains that some MSM outlets in Sweden have finally admitted that gang rapes are perpetrated entirely by individuals with migrant backgrounds. We begin by deconstructing the article that appeared in the Swedish newspaper Expressen that essentially reiterates what the alternative media has been saying for years: Sweden’s unprecedented intake of Middle Eastern and African migrants has resulted directly in horrific sexual assaults on Swedish women. Our discussion moves on to address how gang rape is unheard of in peace time; but has been used historically by an occupying force as a tool of intimidation, terror, conquest, and subjugation. Our panel also delves into the subject of sexual consent and rape laws; how migrants are a protected and privileged class; the forthcoming Swedish election; and more.

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