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The Participation of Police & Military in Multiculturalism - Impivaara

This time the discussion deals with the police and the military service and how they relate to multiculturalism and follow the common liberal trend, together with other governmental or non-governmental institutions.

The image of the police and the message they want to convey is more often questioned. The same goes for military service, as they too are adjusting their policies according to minorities. Both the police and the military forces have presented comments and behavior that does not contribute to Finnish citizens or the culture, on the contrary.

During the cultural collision it is profitable to seek the answers from cultural behavior and values. The Scandinavian mindset will provide some data for explaining the tolerant behavior of governmental and non-governmental institutions.

This is the second episode of Impivaara, a Finnish concept that Juhana L will explore in a series for Red Ice TV.

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