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Being Beastly to Scoundrels: European Police Forces in Crisis
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Being Beastly to Scoundrels: European Police Forces in Crisis

By Mundilfury |

There are several major European police forces in crisis. After politically correct initiatives and preferential hiring practices effectively demoralized them, many of these constabularies were forced to deal with what effectively amounts to the downloading of national security to the municipal level.  What should be dealt with at the border is now being dealt with in Europe’s major cities by hard-pressed law enforcement.

When governments decide that they are going to pursue open borders policies and suicidal levels of migrant intake, they cede security to other jurisdictions who are not able to cope with the pressure. Even if municipal police forces were at full strength, they would be hard-pressed to deal with the exponential rise in crime that has resulted from the migrant crisis.

Unaccountable to the public and consumed with ambition, many European police chiefs ignore public opinion so that they can pursue their political aspirations. Hence the emasculation of officers and the hiring of hostile foreigners. The true job of the police is to be “beastly to scoundrels.” [1] Thanks to internal and external forces this is becoming increasingly difficult.

The following recent articles are but two examples of the crisis of police forces in Germany and the United Kingdom. For an in-depth discussion of the state of Sweden’s police force, in light of recent extreme migrant violence, please watch the latest episode of Norse News with Ingrid, Conrad, and Henrik.

[1] Daniel Hannan, The New Road to Serfdom: A Letter of Warning to America, (New York: Harper Collins, 2010) p. 36.


Berlin Politicians Call Special Meeting Over Fears Organized Arab Criminals Have Infiltrated Police Force

The Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Free Democratic Party (FDP) have called for a special meeting of the Berlin government over allegations that organised Arab criminal gangs have infiltrated the police force.

Members of the conservative CDU, which is headed by Chancellor Angela Merkel,  and the libertarian FDP have expressed serious concerns after hearing leaked audio from the Berlin police academy earlier this week.

The audio, which recorded an instructor at the Berlin police academy, contains information that has led many to believe relatives of organized criminals may have become police officers, Die Welt reports.

CDU spokesman Burkard Dregger said that Social Democrat (SPD) Berlin Interior Minister Andreas Geisel must take the allegations of infiltration seriously.

“We demand a special meeting of the Interior Committee on the negative developments at the Police Academy,” Dregger said.

The leaked audio also noted many problems with police recruits from migrant backgrounds, claiming that many of the recruits had severe difficulties reading and writing in German.

The unidentified instructor also said that some of the recruits had even threatened violence toward other officers and warned that they would become corrupt if put out on the streets.

The police confirmed the audio recording to be legitimate soon after the original article was published, and later even admitted that some of the police candidates had come from criminal backgrounds.

Berlin has become inundated with criminal gangs, especially organised Arab clans which have taken over large parts of the city’s drug trade in recent years. The clans have even been accused of visiting asylum homes to recruit migrants as low-level street dealers.

Migrant gangs have also turned several areas of Berlin into what some are now calling No Go Zones, like the area around the Alexanderplatz metro where police are now increasing their presence in an attempt to restore order to the troubled area.

The Kottbusser Tor metro station, known locally as “Kotti”, has also been a longstanding area for drug dealing, and last year a veteran drug dealer complained that it too had largely been taken over by migrants.

Read the original article here.


More Than Half of London’s Police Stations to Close

More than half of London’s police stations will close, right at the time when the terror threat is through the roof and there’s a gun and knife crime epidemic.

37 police stations are set to close soon, meaning just one 24-hour police station will be open to the public in every borough.

Here’s a list of all the stations that are due to close.

Sadiq Khan, said: “Keeping Londoners safe is my number-one priority, and supporting officers out on the beat in our communities is more important than keeping open buildings that are simply not used by the vast majority of the public, and where just eight per cent of crimes are reported.”

Put simply, if Khan’s top priority really was keeping Londoners safe then he’d be doing everything possible to keep these stations open. All this for the sake of saving £8m. Law and order in Britain is under serious threat.

Read the original article here.






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