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London 2012 Olympics - The Games Changer
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London 2012 Olympics - The Games Changer

By Henrik Palmgren |

Red Ice Radio has gathered together some of the most important research and opinions on what might be the motivations, the plans, the symbolism, the purposes, and the potential outcomes of the London 2012 Olympic Games. Hours of interviews and examination have culminated in a body of knowledge that breaks down the mainstream narrative and alerts the public to be aware in 2012.

Listen to our entire 2½ hour Olympics Special.

Will there be death? Mayhem? Terrorist attacks?

Will terrible catastrophes usher in a new era of war and control? A New World Order?

Will the stars align and inaugurate a dynamic of peace and goodwill among humanity? A new paradigm of consciousness?

These possibilities and more have been speculated upon for the years leading up to 2012, and now that time is upon us. The London 2012 Olympics have arrived with much anticipation, but whether one sees this as a glorious time to celebrate the union of athletic champions, or instead a cause for raising alarm, is a matter debated by many.

There are plenty of clues that suggests that the Olympic “celebration” and many of the surrounding events and installations are part of an “occult mega ritual”, and one can’t help to wonder exactly who it is supposed to benefit?

According to the Greek history, the first Olympic games were dedicated to the twelve Olympian gods, and were based on ancient mythology and religion. The tradition and special meaning of the games - the heroic competition and the fantastic effort to combine mind, body, and will in a attuned whole - is what energizes the games to this day.

But what other ’special meanings’ can be found in the modern Olympic games?

Listen to the entire 2½ hour program here


Ian Crane - Ian reasserts the importance of a careful approach to esoteric, occult and conspiratorial subject matters. He also talks about the phenomenal acceleration into global governance unfolding before our eyes and discusses the extraordinary militarization of London: 49,000 troops will be present for the games - but what are they guarding against?

“The London Olympics, in my opinion... are going to be used as a platform to springboard the introduction of global governance.

London is already the most surveilled capital on the planet, but of course what’s coming up in the next few weeks with the Olympics is just unbelievable. We are looking at an area of the city of London literally becoming THE most securitized place on the planet with the possible exception of the West Bank, or Gaza. It is absolutely horrendous.

We’ve got helicopter carriers in the River Thames. We’ve got anti-aircraft missiles being placed on the roofs of apartment blocks around the Olympic area...
The British government is doing its best to encourage long-serving police officers who joined up for all the right reasons to leave, to take early retirement. And what they’re being replaced with is basically thugs....
We are literally seeing the privatization of policing so what we’re ending up with is the equivalent of night-club bouncers policing the streets.

...there’s a situation here where it’s NORMALIZING these outrageous excesses.”

Listen to the interview we did with Ian Crane from May 22, 2008, that started much of this research:

Ian Crane - The New World Order’s Quest for Zion in 2012

Rik Clay- Rik discusses his findings about the ’Zion Olympics’ in London leading up to the end game year 2012. Rik presents a connection with numerology and synchronicity and delves into: 11:11, pyramid numerology, Solar Eclipse, September Eleventh, The Birth of Christ, Zion, and more.
Rik couples all this with the "new age" and how an "end game messiah" will be presented to us around 2012.

“ If you shuffle the Olympics 2012 logo around, you can spell the word ‘ZION’. Obviously Zion stands for the term ‘New Jerusalem’.

First thing that was brought to my mind was the poem by William Blake. William Blake wrote a poem in the 18th century called “Jerusalem”. Blake was a known 18th century esotericist with connections to the Freemasons. When we talk about Olympics 2012, we’re talking about something that’s been planned for hundreds of years...

...this occult symbology is working on the subconscious, and it’s working on the subconscious of the global population, then it’s got the ability to bring itself forward into matter.

You’ve got a number of roads that circle [the Olympic] site...
All the way around the Olympics 2012 site, which you could call "Zion" if you go with the logo, it’s biblical road names surrounding the whole site. There’s not one road name that’s not biblical. You start looking at that and you think ’what the hell is going on?’

There’s this crazy CGI ‘action film’ on how they’re going to build the Olympic 2012 stadium. This has got it all in it. Basically within 40 seconds of this video there’s four chimneys that stand like an 11:11, but then it moves into the most significant symbology you could ever see - an “Independence Day” style mother ship, little UFOs flying all around. Then it ends in robotic streetwalkers in the middle of London, stomping around the place towards the Olympic stadium.
Does this mean there is a significant event looming for the Olympics?”

David Icke - David interprets an ’energetic’ perspective on the Zion Olympics. He describes mass ritual, symbols and energy vampirism. How many people will be tuning in? What kind of energy and intention will be poured into these events from around the world?

" 2012, whatever we think about it, it’s a focus year...

And of course the most blatant and obvious symbol of the Olympics is the lighted torch. And what do they do? They light the fire and the flame goes throughout the games.
There is a synchronicity of all this, and London, and 2012, that means that it is very, very important to them.

Energy flows where attention goes.

Billions and billions of people worldwide, during the London games are going to be focused on London.

It’s all about energy. It’s all about manipulation of energy, manipulation of information fields, so that you subconsciously, subliminally manipulate people’s perception of reality."

William Henry - William wonders if the dwellers of Sion will return in 2012. Will there be a disclosure of sorts, heralded by the London Olympics? Williams mentions the return of Quetzecoatl, the feathered serpent and explains how the symbols used during the Olympics are pointing to the opening of a StarGate. Lines blur mythology and iconography - which is light, dark, good or bad?

“You’ve got this rainbow motif going directly connected with Sion, and here we’re talking about these mascots manifesting as rainbow beings of the games...

It’s coincidental, it’s fun, it means nothing... but it might mean a lot actually. It might mean EVERYTHING.
There’s unquestionably another layer of meaning that is here to be interpreted with all this symbolism in London. became clear that this is exactly how a cabal or a New World Order group would introduce this new world religion.
It would be at a global ceremony such as this...

...those with eyes to see get the message.”

Ben Fellows - Ben, an investigative journalist specialising in undercover work, warns that the security is a ridiculous sham and, worse than being simply theatre, is a real threat to the safety of all involved in the London Olympics. After infiltrating the G4S company in charge of security and seeing the alarming failings throughout, he speaks out on the disaster that’s waiting to happen.
The English Home Office now scrambles to ‘fill in the gaps’ with increased troop presence. Will this rectify anything, or is this ’outrage’ a way to dodge accountability if a terrorist event occurs?

“...This is dangerous stuff...

I’m not going to the Olympics. Everyone who knows me has actually given their ticket back ... because they don’t want to go because they all feel it’s unsafe as well.

Most of the x-ray operators I spoke to in my class were scared. They were terrified. They’d turn round to me and say "Look, we’re missing, basically, major objects coming through." I had to actually pretend to be a would-be terrorist. I was given a knife, I was given a gun, I was given this fake IED to go through. The walk-through metal detector don’t pick up the gun or the knife because there’s not enough metal in them. "Here’s a phone, here’s some keys", and then it went off. The x-ray officer wasn’t even looking in the bag with the IED in it.

The worst case scenario is a dirty bomb, probably which is already in the stadium...

...the Olympic stadium has got quite a lot of radioactive material in the ground. They used to deal with a lot of radioactive material there. And the radioactive material that’s in the ground is something called thorium that has a half-life of about 14 billion years, or something crazy. It’s really devastating stuff...
If a bomb were to go off, even a fairly small sized bomb, thorium has a property to it whereby it becomes a lot more explosive and so it would increase the explosion.

The best case scenario, I suppose, is that they’re just incompetent and out to steal money.

Listen to our entire interview with Ben: here

Chad Stuempke - Chad looks at ancient sacred landscapes, star-gate parks, and deciphers cosmic symbolism found therein. He suggests that our symbolism originates from the cosmos - it’s subconsciously downloaded from the Artisan Architects.

“There’s a LOT of intentional symbolism going on... a lot of it’s backing up the conspiracy theories that have been swirling around, in particular the ’Zion’ and ’New Jerusalem’... in particular the rainbow symbolism, the gateway symbolism, that I believe isn’t necessarily intentional... the Illuminati, so to speak, isn’t behind it.

Over the years I’ve been watching these urban portals and cosmic parks being brought to fruition, in particular special places and special times. I’ve been watching this 2012 Olympic park being built and, coinciding the research, it didn’t take long to realize that a lot of this symbolism is the same things we’ve been looking at previously.
They’re literally bringing into fruition a cosmic park... This may be some sort of symbolic disclosure that’s emanating from the cosmos.

Both aliens and giants have made appearances in opening ceremonies over the last couple of decades. It kinda started in 1984 in Los Angeles. They lowered the... UFO, down into the stadium during closing ceremonies - it was a seven foot, eight inch, ’giant’ as the announcer said, dressed in an alien suit. It got out and talked to the crowd, saluted the crowd. He was proud of the Olympic ideals.”

Bob Schlenker - Bob studies the hidden meanings and patterns found in religion and culture, and ties them into what is unfolding in the London Olympic Games of 2012. He warns that blood rituals and dark societies are driving humanity towards something ominous.

"I look for anything that speaks to me of an occult intent, that there’s a ritual behind it. There’s a number of themes I’ve been tracking in other places, and there’s a cross-threading with the Olympics really heavily.
It’s really sinister. It looks like there’s a threat behind almost all of it.
The nature of the mass ritual suggests some things that really need our attention.

I don’t know who is in the know and who is not, but people do give direction about these things. It’s the way of the occult operations of the Illuminati and the Masons and all the secret societies to announce in advance what’s going on.
It’s part of the rules of engagement."

Stewart Swerdlow - Stewart cautions people to be watchful in 2012 for false flag attempts, especially under the guise of a dramatic alien war. The powers that be have been embedding symbols and scenarios into our consciousness for years, and 2012 might be the ’end game’ where they employ high technologies and mind control to subvert humanity through fear and horror, and establish a new, unimagined grip upon the globe.

“It is my belief , and I may be wrong, but this might be the perfect opportunity for the Illuminati to stage an alien invasion with billions of people focused on one place on the earth at one time. They can have anything in the sky with the Bluebeam Project, they can use the missiles to fire at them. They can make quite an event.

It’s a time of many things coming together to leave it as a simple event - the Illuminati would never let that happen, of course. It’s the year 2012, so it’s the ‘end times’ according to the Mayan calendar … It is also the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. It is also in London, the center of the global empire, so there’s many factors coming together all at once...

It’s a very symbolic time and we can expect something to happen of a global proportion.”


We must all wait and see what will unfold during the 2012 London Olympic Games. It may be that all of these things may occur, or something might happen that we could not possibly have imagined or anticipated. The games might begin and end and nothing of significance will seem to have occurred on the grand stage.

Yet for a time our mass consciousness will have been captured, and the symbolism of the global Olympics will have been driven even more deeply into our psyches.

A new ’normal’ will have been established regarding high security, fractured privacy, and invasive surveillance, at least. An incredible trauma will shape us and make us more pliant and fearful, at worst.

Whatever occurs, the London 2012 Olympics will be seen and remembered as a real game changer.


Written by Henrik Palmgren and Elizabeth Leafloor

FLASHBACK 1984 Los Angeles Olympics UFO:

Video from:

Video from:

Ben Fellows - G4S Olympic Security Fiasco

Rik Clay - The Cosmic Mind: Zion 2012 Olympics

Ian Crane - Hour 2 - Illuminati Game Cards & The 2012 False Flag Olympics

Ian Crane - The New World Order’s Quest for Zion in 2012


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