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By Henrik Palmgren |
Albert Arnold Gore, Jr

”An Inconvenient Truth” the big screen adaptation of Al Gores slide-show lecture, that suggests that man-made emissions of greenhouse gases is the cause of global warming. Won 2 Oscars at this years Academy Awards Show, “Hollywood”. Musician Melissa Etheridge, composed and preformed the musical theme “I Need to Wake Up” which won the Oscar for original song. Director Davis Guggenheim, producers Lawrence Bender ("Pulp Fiction") and Laurie Lennard, (married to Larry David, the co-creator of "Seinfeld") picked up the Oscar for best documentary.

By nominating (AA) Gores “Slide of hand show” in the category for best documentary the Academy Awards clearly made a mistake. They should naturally have nominated “The Gore show” in any of the regular film categories, since “An Inconvenient Truth” clearly is a film, and not a documentary. The Academy’s second mistake was to not nominate “the star” Al Gore, for best male actor of the year. I guess what confused the AA members regarding Al Gores performance and skill, is that he seldom steps out of character / role. I believe Al uses a technique called “Method Acting

Some more Gore:
  • President of the American television channel:
  • Chairman of:
    Generation Investment Management
  • A director on the board of:
  • Unofficial adviser to Google's senior management
  • Also, he will not run for president 2008: -
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