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PJ Media Conservatism: "The Alt-Right Is Evil and Must Be Opposed"
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PJ Media Conservatism: "The Alt-Right Is Evil and Must Be Opposed"


"The Alt-Right Is Evil and Must Be Opposed"

A member of the black tribe doesn't like white identity politics. I am shocked, I tell you, shocked!

The Alt-Right Is Evil and Must Be Opposed

When called racist, the alt-right deflects by pointing to social justice warriors. Look at all these groups openly antagonistic to white people, they exhort. Look at the attacks on so-called "white privilege" and white men and white culture. How is it racist to push back against that?

They have a point, to an extent. Logically, it cannot be racist to oppose racism. To the extent social justice warriors are racist, and they are, they should be vehemently opposed. The problem with the alt-right is that they do not fundamentally oppose racial identity politics. They merely substitute one brand of it for another.

The Alt Right is not merely white identity politics. If it were, one would not see a Red Indian and a Brown Persian supporting it and embraced by it. But the Alt Right does accept racial identity politics, and for much the same reason we accept gravity.

Because that is the way that the world, and now the West, works.

This is an interesting tidbit from James Lileks, who I've read for rather longer than he's read me.

Fun fact: while I was working at the St. Paul Pioneer Press, I would occasionally pitch in and edit a few pieces in the features section. One of them was a video-game review by this guy named Vox Day. Another fun fact: when I was writing for AOL in the late 90s, John Scalzi was my editor. So I've had tangential connections to both people on the absolute ends of the GamerGate spectrum. I've followed both as the years went on. The best thing about criticizing either is that neither cares a whit.

Can confirm, for myself, at any rate. But James doesn't seem to grasp the simple and straightforward fact that history fades, whether we will or no:

If you asked me how I feel personally affected by the Holocaust, it would be about a one. Because I am not personally affected. But I care, because it's a defining event of the 20th century. How important is it to remember it? Ten. Ten because it shows what the State can do. Ten because it shows where tribalism and race-hatred and Jew-hatred lead. Ten because it shows how a rational, cultured people can go off the rails entirely, except for the ones they build to the death camps. Ten because it shows how nationalism can curdle into the smelliest hatreds. Ten because it shows that technology does not bring enlightenment. Ten because it shows how smart guys with good degrees and a wife and kids at home are perfectly capable of designing the means to commit boundless atrocities. 

And that is all very well. But the serious problems the world faces today are not the result of a surfeit of nationalism, but rather a shortage of it. Pendulums always swing too far, and Holocaustianity has been used to justify some deeply pernicious acts that are bound to lead to tragedy, such as the Immigration Reform Act of 1965.

And while James sneers at the inevitable indifference of today's teenagers to events that took place before their parents were born, I can't help but note the fact that his reasoning is based on the idea that the Holocaust was "the defining event of the 20th century", which is obviously false.  Not only is it not in the top 10 for the century, it's not even #1 for the Jews.

That's one telling line. The other is Vox's distinction between Europeans and Jews.

I find that tremendously amusing. I live in Europe and that is not my distinction, it is a distinction that is made by both Europeans and Jews.

You can't kick us out; we already left


This is a remarkable demonstration of the cuckservative's complete failure to understand the #AltRight. He actually thinks that calling us racist, then calling for us to be read out of the conservative movement is something meaningful to any of us.

When my colleague here at PJ Media, Walter Hudson, wrote an article about the alternative right (or alt-right) titled "The Alt-Right Is Evil and Must Be Opposed," I hoped that they would strike back by showing him that he was wrong about them.

We don't care what the cuckservative Right to which we are the alternative thinks, says, or hopes. We know perfectly well that they will follow their masters' leads in calling us evil and opposing us. We are not on their side, as they are merely the controlled opposition for the SJW-dominated Left.

These commenters all share some specific views -- views that are diametrically opposed to traditional conservatism. First, they look at people as part of "a tribe," a word they actually use rather frequently. There is the "white tribe," the "black tribe," and the "Hispanic tribe." They identify with the former: the "white tribe." This makes them collectivists.

Fine. Liberalism has transformed into progressivism. Libertarianism has revealed itself to be irrelevant and insane. Individuals are not capable of ensuring human freedom on their own; that is something that can only be done through a collective effort. The Constitution of the United States is one example of such a tribal and collective effort. But it is wrong to say the #AltRight uniformly identifies with the white tribe. We support the right of tribes of every kind to exist, regardless of which one we happen to identify with.

Just as one can subscribe to Holocaustianity without being a Jew, one can support the efforts of the white tribe to survive intact and preserve Western civilization without being white.

Secondly, they all seem to believe that there is a grand conspiracy aimed at destroying the "white race." Neo-Nazis have used the phrase "white genocide" for decades, but until recently, normal conservatives didn't want to have anything to do with it. Clearly, the alt-right has embraced the concept.

There is, and you have to be an absolute idiot to fail to notice it. We even know the name of the plan adopted by the global elites, the Kalergi Plan, originally conceived by the half-Austrian, half-Japanese father of the European Union, Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi.

"The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today's races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals.

"Instead of destroying European Jewry, Europe, against its own will, refined and educated this people into a future leader-nation through this artificial selection process. No wonder that this people, that escaped Ghetto-Prison, developed into a spiritual nobility of Europe. Therefore a gracious Providence provided Europe with a new race of nobility by the Grace of Spirit."

- Richard Nikolaus Coudenhove-Kalergi, Practical Idealism, 1924

One can't really dismiss it as "conspiracy theory" when one can read it right there on Wikipedia.

Third, the alt-right believes that American culture is related to "whiteness." To them, American culture is white culture. This means that the struggle to "preserve" American culture is actually a struggle to preserve the "white race."

American culture is white culture. It has been from the start, and it was intended to be limited to that from the start.

In all of the naturalization acts from 1790 to 1906 the privilege of naturalization was confined to white persons [260 U.S. 178, 193], although the exact wording of the various statutes was not always the same. If Congress in 1906 desired to alter a rule so well and so long established it may be assumed that its purpose would have been definitely disclosed and its legislation to that end put in unmistakable terms....
- TAKAO OZAWA v. United States, 1922

America and American culture will not survive the mestizoation of the Kalergi Plan. It is not intended to survive it. Neither is Germany or German culture, Britain or British culture, Japan or Japanese culture, India or Indian culture. This is why the Alt-Right is more than just the defense of the white tribe and Western civilization, it is the defense of humanity in all its glorious diversity against its forced amalgamation into La Raza Cosmica.

These people have nothing to do with conservatism. More precisely, they represent the complete opposite: conservatism is focused on individuals; they are focused on groups or, as they call them, tribes. They're collectivists, and racist collectivists at that. Decades ago, the conservative movement purged itself of  the John Birch Society. It's up to modern conservatives and libertarians to get rid of the alt-right.

Go ahead, cucky. We're amazed that it took you this long to figure out that we're not even on your side. You see, we already decided to abandon both conservatism and libertarianism because your ideologies are incoherent, your histories are false, your ideals are irrelevant, and your failures are manifest and manifold. To survive, Western civilization is going to need something else. Western civilization is going to need an alternative.

UPDATE: It gets even better. This great champion of conservatism is a Dutch convert to Islam. Once more demonstrating that conservatism conserves nothing.


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