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The Truth About Identity Evropa
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The Truth About Identity Evropa

By Karl North |

A Gallup poll released in September of 2016 has shown that confidence in the mainstream media among Americans is at an all time low. Perhaps that is because of the MSM’s, to put it mildly, issues with telling the truth. One of the latest targets for MSM lies is the recently founded, American based, European identitarian organization, Identity Evropa and its founder, former US Marine and Iraq War combat veteran, Nathan Damigo. Identity Evropa’s latest flyer campaign, Project Siege, targeted numerous university campuses around the United States, is responsible for this most recent wave of attention.

The MSM’s lies about Identity Evropa are rather uninspired. It is the same anti-white screed that is rolled out every time people of European ancestry try to organize around their heritage. The universal charge of “white supremacist” is found in virtually every MSM report on Identity Evropa. The Daily Beast and Sacramento’s ABC 10 both turned to Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center for an analysis of Identity Evropa. Potok, who is Jewish, used his very active imagination to smear Identity Evropa as simply another iteration of the KKK and referred to the group as “suit and tie racists.” This is in spite of the complete absence of hate speech in Identity Evropa materials. The MSM and their friends at the SPLC completely miss the point of what Identity Evropa is and what it is about. They see European Americans embracing their racial and cultural heritage and that causes their anti-white conditioning to kick in.

So what is Identity Evropa about?

  1. Identity—It is in the name. Identity Evropa seeks to encourage those of European heritage to embrace the cultural identity that allowed all of the West’s achievements in art, literature, and science to become reality. One of the flyers that Identity Evropa uses says “Let’s Become Great Again.” Who can deny that the West is in decline? Identity Evropa wants whites to realize it does not have to be this way. We can once again take our place as the vanguard of humanity in cultural and scientific achievement, but first we must “become who we are,” so to speak. We must rediscover and embrace the cultural patrimony built by our European ancestors thereby ending the identity crisis plaguing our people.

  2. Education—The vast majority of people are very poorly educated when it comes race. Identity Evropa promotes information you will not hear in your college classes or discussed in any serious way in the MSM. Becoming acquainted with topics like human biodiversity and Cultural Marxism makes it much easier to realize that those of European heritage also have collective interests and they too have a right to advocate for those interests as much as anyone else. Identity Evropa wants European Americans to understand that there is something inherent in us, in our DNA, in the soul of our people, that made the Western world possible, and that only we can embody that. The lands of the West are not covered in magic dirt that suddenly turns non-Europeans into Europeans. Only we can be us.

  3. Fraternity—Finding others who share pro-white views can be very difficult. You might have a solid group of pro-white friends in your city, but you are suddenly forced to move. Identity Evropa serves as a fraternity so that no matter where you are you can find high quality individuals who want to preserve our cultural heritage. It is one thing to see online that there are people who agree with you. It is an entirely different experience to form an actual real life community with those people. We all carry the baggage of the modern world to some extent. A real life community of people trying to better themselves and cast off those chains is of indispensible value. Nothing can replace actual, personal relationships with other people.

  4. Action—Building on the fraternity aspect, Identity Evropa wants to bring the struggle for our people into real life. The Alt Right has gained tremendous momentum in the last year, but that is meaningless if it is not channeled into something real. Now is the time for white Americans to join groups like this to start affecting change for their people. There is a recent push to have a “conversation on race.” Identity Evropa wants to have that conversation. They do this with campaigns like Project Siege where many members have conversations with college students about these issues, and with showings of force like at the UC Berkley campus and the upcoming San Francisco sanctuary city protest. The Alt Right’s online presence has been a great success, but now is the time to build on that with real life action.

These are the ideas that Identity Evropa is about. It is not “white supremacy” or whatever nonsense the anti-whites in the MSM baselessly claim. It is about helping those of European descent reclaim their heritage and to respect themselves as a race and as a culture once again. It is about encouraging a sense of community among European Americans that has been tragically absent for far too long. If you are of European ancestry and want to help fight to ensure that your people have a place in the world, if you want to help educate your brothers and sisters on the anti-white narrative that prevails in society today, if you want to meet others who think the same way you do, then apply to join Identity Evropa. Do not listen to the MSM and their lies about what the organization stands for. Go to the source, ask questions. The future belongs to us, we have only to take it.


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