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Conscious Conception, Possession in the Womb & Sexual Conditioning

Jeanice Barcelo, M.A., is a birth doula and independent childbirth educator, specializing in the prevention and healing of birth trauma. She is an international speaker, TV and radio show host, and founder of the forthcoming "Birth of a New Earth Preparatory School for Conscious Procreation." Jeanice has been an independent childbirth educator for the past 7 years, offering educational seminars and teacher trainings. She'll discuss the importance of having a conscious conception. She talks about how we can influence what being enters the womb. Today, with the abundance of accidental conceptions, more sinister beings are possessing wombs and being born. She also talks about how induced labor interferes with the natural course of the soul entering the body. Therefore, a woman can give birth to a body without the soul fully embodied into it. Later, Jeanice discusses the soul-less-ness of science, depopulation and soft killing. She also shares her own personal pregnancy story. In the second hour, we'll begin discussing the future science of birth. Will science ever master creation as God made? Then, Jeanice speaks about birthing the wounded. She explains the ramifications of an over-sexed culture. We explore the definitions of masculinity and femininity and examine three different societies who define both a bit differently. She talks about how in our society men are discouraged from being sensitive. She also talks about the idea that says men are wired for sex only. We explore the flip side of how women are programmed to become sexual objects and what that creates. Jeanice discusses the "cultural prescription" given in high school. The average age for a boy to first view pornography is 11. Lastly, we talk about healthy sex verses destructive sex. We're living in a culture hypnotized by unhealthy ideas of sex and it's creating social decay.

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