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Eyes Wide Shut & Goals of the Global Elite

Kent Daniel Bentkowski joins us for an excellent program analyzing Stanley Kubric's movie "Eyes Wide Shut". Kent wrote an article called, "Eyes Wide Shut: Occult Symbolism" in March 2006. This piece has become the most popular article on his website. Kent discusses his background, writing and research; then we talk about Kubrick and his very timely death after this movie was released. We explore the symbolism in various scenes from the movie as well as the use of colors (the rainbow theme) running throughout the movie and how this connects with "The Wizard of Oz". Also we discuss mind control techniques, triggers, MK-Ultra and how trauma based mind control works. For our members, we continue the interview talking about the controversial episode of "24", that shows nukes exploding in the United States. We talk about the conditioning of the mass consciousness from various television series. We also talk about 9/11, the Lone gunman, art/entertainment mimicking reality, Interent2, 2012, the goals of the global elite and the emerging global police state. RIP: July 30th, 2008

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Eyes Wide Shut: Occult Symbolism

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