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Freemasonic Symbolism in the Death of JFK & Ties to the Illuminati

Researcher Kent Daniel Bentkowski, “Kentroversy" returns to talk about his article "Dealey Plaza: Esoteric Freemasonic Symbolism in the Death of JFK". Topics Discussed: libraries as Masonic lodges, JFK: "Wanted for Treason", Dealey Plaza and occult symbolism, numbers 3 & 33, Trinity River, first Masonic lodge in Dallas, the Triad, The Qabalistic tree of life, Dallas close to the 33rd parallel, JFK: breaking up the CIA, end of the Vietnam War/new Silver Notes issued, The 6th Floor Museum, Lee Harvey Oswald and the window, Lyndon B Johnson and the assassination plan, The Hiram Abiff Ritual, Warren Commission and freemasons, the Zapruder film, Abraham Zapruder - 32 degree mason, The Zapruder film hoax, the cornerstone, the obelisk, the reflecting pool & the dome, JFK and Lincoln, JFK's missing brain and the release of the documents. We continue with Kent and talk about his family connection to the Illuminati. Topics Discussed: Illuminati, hemophilia; the disease of the bluebloods, European royalty, the occult as communication, Kent's offer to join freemasonry and the consequences, his cousin married a member of the Illuminati, Kent’s uncle was known as a local Buffalo, NY TV star on two WKBW-TV morning shows that preceded ‘Good Morning, America’ and was a member of ‘New Yorkers’ hall of fame polka band as well as a high level Shriner Freemason, Gibraltar Industries, The Saturn Club & Order of Saturn, greed within the Illuminati, the Bush family as a presidential family line, hidden agendas and planning years ahead, speculations on the near future, Americas immigration problem, The North American Union, 2012, the drug war, marijuana, MK Ultra, Hillary, and the positive side to negative information about conspiracy and corruption. RIP: July 30th, 2008

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Dealey Plaza: Esoteric Freemasonic Symbolism in the Death of JFK

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George Herbert Walker Bush, photographed outside of the TSBD building at the moment of the assassination?

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