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The Predictive Properties of the Star Trek Franchise

Kent Daniel Bentkowski (RIP July 30th, 2008) was a research journalist who wrote The Kentroversy Papers and specialized in studying topics such as conspiracy, the occult, deep politics, and alternative history. In this radio program, Kent talks about the world of Gene Rodenberry and the predictive properties of the Star Trek franchise. We talk about the first episodes of the original series and the gadgets that were used in the early series, like the communicator (cell phone), fax machine and PADD (handheld computer). Where did the ideas for the technology and gadgets come from? We talk about advisor Harvey Linn and his connection to the Rand Corporation, Gene Rodenberry and his possible connection to Andrea Puharich and occult circles. We also talk about "the nine", Deep Space Nine, The Vulcans, the origins of Spock's hand sign and also some of the brilliant and positive messages of the series. Lastly, we discuss the Star Trek films, the Borg analogy, future gadgets and much more.

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