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Immortality and the Quest for Eternal Life

Sonia Barrett’s work is an embrace of science and spirituality as one in the same. She is the Host of Sovereign Mind Radio program and founder and publisher of Sovereign Mind Magazine and author of The Holographic Canvas, The Fusing of Mind and Matter; she has written many articles exploring time travel, immortality, ascension and the science of past lives. Sonia currently presents workshop or what she has termed “Memory Lectures”. The principle of these Memory Lectures is to reawaken the memory of those attending. As noted on the back of her book “the answers are all tied into the forgotten past and like the single cell of a plant our history is encoded in our cell, DNA and the air we breathe”. Sonia presents concepts and ideas that stimulate thought and revives empowerment. Her objective overall is to present clarity, insight and definition to a word now commonly used; the “matrix”. For the first hour of this program, Sonia talks about eternal life, longevity and immortality. Topics Discussed: Conspiracy Con, spiritual immortality and physical immortality, karma, destiny, reincarnation, religious idea of the afterlife, psychology, archetypes, artificial life extension, Ray Kurzweil, Craig Venter, Aubrey De Grey, genetic manipulation, growth hormones, purpose of life, gathering knowledge, the Akashic records, the quantum field, chronological life experience, flip flopping in time, genetic memory, DNA is programmable, consciousness, higher vibration, frequency, UFO's visible to some invisible to others and the holographic game. For the second hour with Sonia, we talk more about uploading thoughts and soul to a computer. Additional Topics: modern version of mummification, cryogenics, shifts in consciousness, life 2.0, virtual world, robots, cyborgs, A.I., learning about ourselves, Atlantis: mistakes, loss of morality, degradation, movie theaters, programming reality, realm, construct of the holographic machine, karma, ego, reincarnation, genetic memory, DNA, stored information, objective reality, survival and much more.

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