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The Cosmic Mind: Zion 2012 Olympics & The End Game Messiah

Richard John Clay (August 1982-August 2008) born in the UK, was a musician, graphic designer, web designer, writer, researcher and charismatic genius whose mission was to bring fairness, abundance and joy to all human beings. Rik Clay was behind the blog "The Cosmic Mind". In our interview we discuss with Rik his findings about the Zion Olympics in London leading up to the end game year 2012. Rik presents his thesis in this very interesting two segment program. We begin to discuss how RIk got into the subject matter and then go into the connection with numerology and synchronicity. Topics Discussed: 11:11, pyramid numerology, Solar Eclipse, September Eleventh, The Birth of Christ, Zion, Summer Olympics 1972 Münich, 1984 Los Angeles, Eye Symbolism, Corporate Symbolism, Joining of Islam and Christianity, Angel Gabriel, William Blake, Wally Olins and much more. Join us in the members section as we continue our discussion with Rik about the 2012 Olympics and how this event in a ritualistic way is connect with zion and the "end game messiah".

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