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Modern Women Need to Be Lied To

Melissa is a wife, mother, and full-time technical writer. She has a keen interest in politics, culture, and philosophy. Melissa created her blog, The New Femininity, to connect with men and women who have chosen to reject the sham that is post-modern society.

An audio version of this show is also available here.

We begin by discussing Melissa’s red-pill experience. Initially a moderate, learning about government corruption eventually led her to libertarianism. Now, however, Melissa is a full-blown reactionary and ardent anti-feminist. We discuss the issue of women in the Alt-Right, including how it is generally harder for them to swallow the red-pill. Melissa explains that it’s easy for women to be swept up in feminist thought simply because it’s so pervasive in this day and age. We explore the ongoing war on truth and beauty, with Melissa arguing that our values have been intentionally inverted – right is wrong, wrong is right, and so forth. Melissa notes that left seems to be motivated by envy, and thus hates everything strong, virtuous, and beautiful. The show also considers whether or not feminism has any redeeming qualities, and includes discussion on parenthood, SJW witch hunts, and voter fraud.

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