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National School Walkout Organized by TV Producer From Women's March

Henrik looks at Deena Katz and a few others behind the youth "division" of the Women's March, who were behind the inorganic National School Walkout Day stunt on March 14. This was a propaganda effort by neo-marxists and globalists to turn the recent deadly school shooting into an attempt to go after the 2nd amendment and American's right to bear arms. The stunt turned into a voting registration opportunity for the Democratic party. They are looking at turning a generation of young kids into an army of anti-gun, pro-liberal drones. Using traumatic school shootings is the lowest of low, but sadly also the most efficient way of using a horrible event for selfish political gain. If these people truly were concerned with the lives of children, then why is it that no one has organized a walkout of schools against the out of control drugging of children, misdiagnosed with ADHD or those children killed in car accidents each year?

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