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The Glorious Path: Master vs. Slave Morality

Seth Cooper, a lifelong devotee of fantasy and mythology, graduated Summa Cum Laude from Mount Saint Mary’s University, having earned a philosophy degree in 2001. He lives by himself in the rural Northern Neck of Virginia where he continues to realize the far-reaching series that begins with The Glorious Path, his debut novel.

Erik Yount received an education at the MD Institute College of Art, going on to work in various realms of video production. He became increasingly disgruntled with the shallowness of mainstream storytelling and created Oerstra Works as a platform to reignite sublime ideals.

An audio version of this show is available in the radio 3Fourteen archive.

We'll discuss Nietzsche parallels in the fantasy novel The Glorious Path and relate it to the modern era, focusing on the main premise, “The Gods Have Fled.” What does this mean for humanity? Seth elaborates on Nietzsche's famous statement, “God is Dead.”

Seth and Erik lambaste today's highest moral value of pity, now central in our liberal society in contrast to Nietzsche's idea of will to power. We discuss the slave morality of current western society vs master morality of the noble. Ultimately, we discuss re-igniting Nietzsche's goal of bringing forth the Overman.

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