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Girl is banned from flight 'because she's too ginger'
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Girl is banned from flight 'because she's too ginger'


Gingers have it bad enough already without having to worry if they’ll be let on to a flight because of the colour of their hair.

That may have happened to Grace Wain, 14, when she attempted to board an Etihad Airways plane in Manchester on Monday.

But staff said were not discriminating against her because she was ginger, and instead thought she was unwell due to her pale appearance, the Scottish Daily Record reported.

‘I told them, “We live in Scotland”,’ said her father Paul Wain, who was taking his family on holiday.

‘She is a redhead and she has a pale complexion. That’s just the way she is.’

After a lot of pleading, and a doctor’s letter saying she was healthy, they were finally allowed to fly.

But things went from bad to worse for the family from Cardross when two pieces of their luggage disappeared.

This meant mum Sheena, 44, and dad Paul, 45, had to spend three days dressed in the same clothes after touching down in the Maldives.

Grace’s twin sister Jean and 11-year-old brother Murray were also on the trip.

Etihad claimed its staff were just worried about Grace’s health.

‘Staff were concerned about the wellbeing of a young passenger ahead of a lengthy flight,’ the airline said in a statement.

‘The team called for a medic who examined the child and requested a ‘fit to fly’ letter from a doctor, allowing the family to board.

‘Our team on the ground continued to provide support ahead of the flight.’



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