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Paul Krugman Blames GOP White Men for Zionist War in Iraq
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Paul Krugman Blames GOP White Men for Zionist War in Iraq


Editor's Note: The New York Times recently published an editorial by Paul Krugman called "Errors and Lies." Krugman is trying to pin the Iraq war on GOP White men, without mentioning a peep about Israel's interest in Middle Eastern affairs or how AIPAC controls American foreign policy or how their friends in the media pushed these lies on the American public (and the world) as a pretext to invade Iraq, who had no connection to 9/11.

The article begins: The public justifications for the invasion (of Iraq) were nothing but pretexts, and falsified pretexts at that. We were, in a fundamental sense, lied into war.

Below is the slightly edited rebuttal by the Anti-New York Times, by Mike King.

The "Nobel Prize winning" economist and New York Times columnist, Paul Krugman, may not know a thing about economics - or perhaps pretends to not know - but when it comes to rhetorical trickery, kosher Krugman is an expert without peer. In this editorial, Krugman takes the Zionist-engineered Iraqi War and hangs it around the necks of Republican White men such as Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld. Let's have a look at the contortions and omissions:

"Surprise! It turns out that there’s something to be said for having the brother of a failed president make his own run for the White House. Thanks to Jeb Bush, we may finally have the frank discussion of the Iraq invasion we should have had a decade ago".

Krugman, you dirty low-down Son of Satan! The reason that we never had a "frank discussion of the Iraq invasion" was because "the paper of record", which you write for, was too busy selling the war. Do your homework Mr. Krugman! Dig up the 2002 and 2003 issues of the New York Slimes and you will see that over 100 front pages pro-war stories preceded the invasion.

But of course, you already know that.

Crooked Krugman continues:
"But many influential people — not just Mr. Bush — would prefer that we not have that discussion. Yes, the narrative goes, we now know that invading Iraq was a terrible mistake, and it’s about time that everyone admits it. Now let’s move on. Well, let’s not — because that’s a false narrative."

Yes. It is a false narrative. But you didn't mention the critical role played by your wretched colleague in New York, that forked-tongued, Judith Miller, who also just happens to be Jewish. Mendacious Miller was the New York Slime's key point-person for pitching the "false narrative" based on her phony "sources" .

Judy Miller's Lies + New York Slimes Front Page Hype = Iraq War

Why don't you mention Sulzberger's and your Satanic synagogue sister's role, Paul?

Sulzberger's Satanic Slut spewed lies, death and destruction non-stop throughout 2002 and 2003. She gets a pass from colleague Krugman.

More Krugmanism:

"The Iraq war wasn’t an innocent mistake, a venture undertaken on the basis of intelligence that turned out to be wrong. America invaded Iraq because the Bush administration wanted a war. The public justifications for the invasion were nothing but pretexts, and falsified pretexts at that."

Absolutely correct. But the big lie here is in the omissions.

Omission # 1:

Who was it that pumped out the "wrong intelligence"? Answer: Israel!

Omission # 2:

Who else "wanted a war"? Answer: Israel and its American agents (Neo-Cons) and lobbyists (AIPAC)!

Omission # 3:

Who allowed the Bush / Cheney gang to get away with "falsified pretexts"? Answer: The New York Slimes!

Krugman continues:

"We were, in a fundamental sense, lied into war."

Yes. We were lied into war by Bush and friends; but the operatives of that greasy bunch were only front men and pawns of the Zionist cabal of Ariel Sharon, the Jewish Neo-Cons, and the most powerful media institution in America, the New York Slimes.

Anglos Bush and Cheney are skewered for the Iraq War; but fellow tribesmen Sharon and Satanyahu get a free pass from Krugman.

"The fraudulence of the case for war was actually obvious even at the time: the ever-shifting arguments for an unchanging goal were a dead giveaway. So were the word games — the talk about W.M.D that conflated chemical weapons (which many people did think Saddam had) with nukes, the constant insinuations that Iraq was somehow behind 9/11."

Correct-o-mundo, Mr. Krugman! "The fraudulence of the case for war" as well as the "word games" were indeed extremely "obvious"; which serves as further evidence that your New York Slimes, as evidenced by its silence over the ridiculously transparent lies of Bush - Cheney - Rumsfeld - Rice- Powell, was "in on it"!

When the despicable and deceitful Colin Powell did his WMD show & tell routine at the UN, the all-mighty New York Slimes hyped the performance without questioning the claims, at all! Krugman "forgets" to mention that.


"Why did they want a war? That’s a harder question to answer. Some of the warmongers believed that deploying shock and awe in Iraq would enhance American power and influence around the world. Some saw Iraq as a sort of pilot project, preparation for a series of regime changes. And it’s hard to avoid the suspicion that there was a strong element of wagging the dog, of using military triumph to strengthen the Republican brand at home."

Krugman the Cunning lists every motive under the sun, except for Israel and its Neo-Con agents. Also exempted from any blame is the Marxist Demoncrap Party, 75% of whose members voted to grant the Republican't Bush final authorization for the invasion; an invasion which, had the Demoncraps raised a stink about it, could easily have prevented.

Krugman's close:

"Whatever the precise motives, the result was a very dark chapter in American history. Once again: We were lied into war. So let’s get the Iraq story right. Yes, from a national point of view the invasion was a mistake. But (with apologies to Talleyrand) it was worse than a mistake, it was a crime."

Nice closing Krugman. "Whatever the precise motives", eh? As if you don't know what the true motives were! We get it, Paulie. Though the motives are not clear, Republican White Boys are to blame for the Iraq fiasco.

Oh well, at least there were some Jewish journalists who went off script and revealed the truth about the Iraq War. See statements below:

Carl Bernstein Washington Post

Speaking on MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough’s show in July of 2013, the legendary journalist of Watergate fame said of the Iraq War: "This was an insane war that brought us low economically, morally. We went to war against a guy who had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11.

It was a total pretext! It’s inexplicable and there you go to Cheney, there you go to Bush, there you go to the Jewish neo-cons who wanted to remake the world. Maybe I can say that because I’m Jewish. To bring about a certain result ..”

On MSNBC - Joe Scarborough Show

Michael Kinsley PBS - Slate - Politico - LA Times - New Republic

"Bush's public case for going to war against Iraq is full of logical inconsistencies, exaggerations, and outright lies. ... this raises a troubling question, what are his real reasons? There must be some: Nobody starts a war as a lark. It would be easier to dismiss the whole exercise if there were an obvious ulterior motive. Without one, you are left wondering, "Am I missing something?"

The lack of public discussion about the role of Israel is easier to understand, but weird nevertheless. It is the proverbial elephant in the room: Everybody sees it, no one mentions it. The reason is obvious and admirable: Neither supporters nor opponents of a war against Iraq wish to evoke the classic anti-Semitic image of the king's Jewish advisers whispering poison into his ear and betraying the country to foreign interests."

From Slate Magazine, What Bush Isn't Saying About Iraq Oct. 24, 2002

Ari Shavit Ha'aretz (Israel)

"The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservatives, most of them Jewish, who are pushing President Bush to change the course of history.

In the course of the past year, a new belief has emerged in the town: the belief in war against Iraq. That ardent faith was disseminated by a small group of 25 or 30 neoconservatives, almost all of them Jewish, almost all of them intellectuals (a partial list: Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, William Kristol, Eliot Abrams, Charles Krauthammer), people who are mutual friends and cultivate one another and are convinced that political ideas are a major driving force of history."

From Ha'aretz News Service, White man's burden (Israel) April 5, 2003

James Rosen McClatchy News Services

"In 1996, as Likud Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prepared to take office, eight Jewish neoconservative leaders sent him a six-page memo outlining an aggressive vision of government. At the top of their list was overthrowing Saddam ....... The neoconservatives sketched out a kind of domino theory in which the governments of Syria and other Arab countries might later fall or be replaced in the wake of Saddam's ouster."

McClatchy Newspapers, April 6, 2003



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