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Real Alchemy? Is Joe Champion is Turning Copper to Gold?
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Real Alchemy? Is Joe Champion is Turning Copper to Gold?


Resonant Atomic Transmutation of Metals

The following communication was sent to the US Department of Energy (DOE) in Washington DC on December 21, 2010:

In 1987, I witnessed a phenomenon and devoted my life to refining the process. Low Energy Nuclear Change (LENC) is the term used for the occurrence of this phenomenon. In LENC, copper is subjected to a phonon resonance technology developed by me in 2001. The importance of any technology or discovery is repeatability and scalability.

I have achieved both in this process, and have successfully converted copper to gold and platinum. The original theory was the single conversion of copper to gold. The formation of platinum was not predicted but was an unexpected occurrence.

100 pounds of copper was placed in a single phonon resonance device and produced 800 troy ounces of gold and platinum. Several ounces of gold and platinum have been refined and tested by independent facilities. This is the world's largest demonstration of a low energy nuclear event. This was accomplished using standard household electrical power within 30 days.

I have produced over two kilos of platinum and gold in less than a week from my simple reaction. This material has been tested by third party laboratories. [The results of an independent Assay Report by Ray Grimmer Lab Services are republished below:]

I am not a physicist, and therefore cannot fully explain this phenomenon, but I can report the results. It is totally repeatable on a macro scale. I have no idea why I have so much platinum. I was predicting gold, but I have an equal amount of gold and platinum...

In 1994, Thomas Ward of the DOE visited me in Houston for a few days. At that point in time, I had only been able to achieve results in micro quantities. I have now finally achieved low energy reactions on a macro scale. A most interesting fact is that location of the reaction seems to be important and can be determined by a world wide geographic anomaly map.

For years I have wanted to keep this in the USA and only within the last three months have I witnessed pounds of gold and platinum production in my current area.

Dr Joe Champions website:

For more, listen to our latest interview with Alex Putney.

For a completely other side of the story please see this article from

Analysis by Alex Putney

The resonant atomic transmutation processes developed by Dr. Champion confirm the specific information provided to 'Billy' Eduard Meier concerning the advanced metals conversion processes employed by his extraterrestrial contacts from the Plejares star system (who also provide fascinating information concerning specific cosmic events connected with the Mayan calendar end date of December 22, 2012). The following excerpt from Lightwater (2010), by Alexander Putney, elucidates the complex details of the complete conversion process:

Well-known examples of resonant metal alloys formulated by Sanskrit-based Buddhist traditions in Asia include Tibetan singing bowls, comprised of 3 metals, and finer Bhutanese singing bowls rendered from 7 metals or more, known for highly resonant characteristics. While the singing bowls of Asia are comprised of a layered composite of various metals formed by hammering, the much more advanced resonant alloy production processes of Plejaren metallurgists involve the co-mingling of atoms in a composition unique to space-faring plasma ships, unlike any produced on Earth in modern times. Billy accepted several resonant metal samples as gifts from Asket, the products of her civilization, the Timars, who use similar advanced techniques of frequency resonance applied by the Plejaren, and indeed all cosmic travelers.

The resonant metal alloys of transdimensional plasma ships are developed using precision multi-stage temperature and frequency programs that convert base metals into alloys (above) containing all of the precious metals, rare earth elements and trace amounts of every other element on the periodic table - many in crystallized or metallic states not yet conceived of by Earthly scientists. Polarization of the final products is achieved by the micro-layering of perpendicular grain patterns formed within the crystals.

Semjase provided Meier with Plejaren beamship (mp3) metal alloy samples of a 7-stage metal conversion process from lead into a copper-nickel-silver-gold alloy, also containing traces of every stable element in a smooth curve from the heaviest elements through the lightest gases. Many aspects of this complex process were discussed during the 45th contact on February 25, 1976, in response to Meier's direct request - "Quite simply, we would like to know what sort of metal you use for your beamships?":

Semjase: This I can explain for you: We gain it from a process of conversion from lead. We extract this soft metal from many things, as for example lead-containing atmospheres from stars, from waters, from different plants, etc., as well as from the decay of different ore-stones of stars in destruction. By an, according to Earth understanding, very difficult process, we convert the lead substances we assembled into the soft metal lead, which we then change by further mechanical-chemical processes into a hard-metal form, which is much harder than your metal which you call steel. This still is unserviceable in this form for beamships, because it must be polarized by further processes of conversion into a beamship-suited alloy of a special sort and character, about which I am not allowed to give details. The final product, which must have quite certain characteristics, consists of a copper-nickel-silver alloy, which for certain of the beamships also contains gold.

Meier: Oh yes, thus an alloy which could be produced on Earth. You mentioned a lot of manners before, in ways in which you gain the lead. Here it has struck me that you have mentioned no word of an ore mining of Earth kind. Is this sort of obtaining ores not usual with you?

Semjase: Ore-mining or other mineral mining on a planet or another star is done by us only in extreme emergency, because this process is equal to the destruction of the star. A planet or another star is never exploited in the form as is done on Earth. What the Earth human being does by that is equal to the destruction of the planet. The first evil effects of this destruction came up on the Earth already some decades ago, and at the present time it is already experiencing the pains of the destruction itself. This is to understand the way that the Earth human being exploits his planet, and robs from it its fundamental life force when de deprives it of its oil, gas and the different ores. The effect of this is that the Earth suffers shifts inside, leading to volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, because the Earth is slowly breaking down into itself. The same event is generated also by the construction of dams and similar formations, which cause, by the assembled masses of water, very dangerous shifts. The worst delusion the Earth human being is performing is his subterranean and below-surface experiments with atomic bombs, as well as those cruel deep subterranean explosion tests, which he declares are atomic bomb tests, but which in truth are much more dangerous.

The spiritual ethics of the Plejaren culture reflect a comprehensive understanding of planetary systems. All 7 stages of beamship metal production were related on the following day, during Meier's 46th contact, with an astounding explanation of the atomic transmutation of metals by controlled frequency resonance:
Semjase: Here I also have brought you some metal, of three different working steps... The first working step absorbs the lead substances from the atmosphere and condenses them into pure lead. The second process distracts from the resultant metal all dangerous radiations. Then the lead is fed into heat-converters, which, without the addition of any other metals, converts the lead by several processes into the alloy.

(Ed.- The metal specimens finally delivered to Meier, which they and we had analyzed, consisted of three of the seven states the metal goes through in production and refinement. We had samples of states 3, 4, and 5. The sample of state 3 was mostly lead, with impurities. State 4 was nearly equal parts of silver, copper and lead. State 5 contained silver, copper, nickel, gold, magnesium and other trace elements. We lost our specimens in the hands of testing laboratories before we had finished our analysis. We found traces of stable rhenium and thulium in our specimen tested by Marcel Vogel in his laboratory in San Jose, California. Since our testing in 1979, scientists have found that the addition of rare earth elements like rhenium and thulium produce astounding properties in otherwise basic metals, such as superconductivity, superhardness and supermagnetism, etc.)
Meier: You mean that the lead becomes liquefied first, and in this step suffers the conversion?

Semjase: Surely. There do all right exist direct possibilities for the alternation of stuff, but these possibilities are not given for us. But our scientists have already well achieved successes in experiment. For the present, however, we still convert the metals the old-fashioned way in heat-converters, and as said, this happens in seven different runs. The metal becomes liquified, like with you, in furnaces, to suffer then by distinct oscillations, an alternation, but just to a certain value, because of the different steps in working that are necessary. Each final product is then pushed by pressure through a cooling spiral, where then are generated the small figures, as you have then here before you. This process is repeated some times, while with each new process the value of the different metals increases and becomes the targeted alloy. The sixth working process then affects the complete alloy. The cooling spiral contains usual water, which we obtain especially for this process in a condensational manner...

Meier: Thank you. Still it is not evident to me how you then will work the metal, as neither at your beamship, not Ptaah's huge ['Great-Spacer'] box, could I recognize joints or seams, etc. And nothing is riveted as well.

Semjase: For this purpose we use an instrument which you would call a welding apparatus. But it is based on oscillation techniques, which liquifies the metal in a cold state and lets it flow together, by which it is completely without seam and forms one single piece. So we also do not know grinding operations, as you do when you have to do welding work, and then have to grind away the seams to smooth it all. In this respect, you on Earth use a very dangerous operation.
While Earthly science achieved the liquification of metals using high-intensity ultrasound decades ago, Semjase informs us that for thousands of years Plejaren metallurgists have been producing beamship alloys by subjecting molten metals to "distinct [atomic] oscillations of a certain value." What are these particular resonant frequencies that induce the alchemical transmutation of one element into another? The atomic physicists among Earth's scientists have been making great strides in their understanding of low-energy nuclear transmutation - the most outspoken among them being Dr. Joseph Champion of the Phonon Resonance Institute in St. George, Utah. Dr. Champion's work elucidates the atomic principles enabling several successful methods of atomic transmutation involving the production of precious metals:
Dimensional phonon resonance occurs when the space occupied by one isotope is exactly the same as that of another isotope in its rest state [i.e. 25°C]. This event can only occur under the following two conditions: the ex-pansion of an isotope by heating, or the contraction of an isotope by cooling. Due to the natural characteristics of elemental properties, this event is extremely rare and one can only force the event under select conditions. To determine the phonon resonance of an isotope, it is necessary to apply the following formula:

In the formation of Au (or other elements) from a dimensional reaction, the conversion will occur without excess energies or nuclear signatures by heating Ag to a temperature of 43.2°C. To achieve maximum conversion of Ag to Au will depend on the dwell time at resonance temperature. To date, visible conversion of Ag to Au has taken as little as six hours, with 2% conversion taking up to 24 hours. The reaction is safe... [with] no toxicity

Dr. Champion's phonon resonance formula provides the resonant frequency of gold (Au) in its rest state as 38,931,841 Hz and the 107Ag isotope of silver as 38,962,532 Hz (above). The relative proximity of the resonant frequencies of these two precious metals allows a low-energy atomic transmutation from 107Ag to Au to occur near room temperature. However, silver isotope 109Ag comprises 48.8% of all available silver bouillon and, unlike it's sister isotope 107Ag, is not so easily converted to Au.

The conversion of 109Ag into gold requires a more complex process using megahertz frequencies in conjunction with precision heating techniques. By the same means aluminum can be converted into silver when oscillating at a resonance of 38,950,565 Hz (at 276°C) and will also convert into gold when dwelling at a resonance of 39,932,068 Hz (at 295°C). After just a few days of dwell-time at resonance, atoms of the starting element have become informed with the resonant frequency of the target element in its rest state. The metal is then melted and rapidly cooled in distilled water to achieve the maximum conversion rate, just as in the procedures described by Semjase in 1976. The respective electron configurations of aluminum, silver, platinum and gold reveal the restructuring of electron orbital shells during transmutation:

The addition of subatomic particles into atoms vibrating at resonance is facilitated by standing waves that act as pathways for the reconfiguration of electrons, protons and neutrons into a more densely packed arrangement. Just as acoustic standing waves can power wireless devices by transmitting electrical currents across otherwise nonconductive airspaces, standing microwave resonances induced within atoms allow subatomic particles to jump across otherwise impassable gaps in the atomic framework. Direct observation of this resonant phenomenon of atomic transmutation will be made possible by the quantum stroboscope, which has already provided the first direct imaging of standing waves that comprise the structure of a single electron. A source metal like aluminum can thus be transmuted into silver and then gold as successive electron shells become filled, adding atomic weight in the process and significantly increasing the yield weight of the conversion with each stage of the complex process.

Dr. Champion has identified a new class of intriguing natural metabolic processes where atomic transmutation occurs as fungi ingest silver, thereby undergoing a pleomorphic change. Dry, active yeast is a cheap and readily available bread-making product that requires only warmth and water to thrive and reproduce in vast numbers. Common yeast species like Saccharomyces cerevisiae produce the silver-binding protein SSB-1 that enables the attachment of active yeast cells to available silver surfaces. Ingestion of silver atoms by the round 2-3 nm microbes causes their mutation into rod-shaped mutant microbes about 1-2 nm in length (below). The budding yeast cells act as electron donors inducing the resonant transmutation of silver into gold, as 32 electrons, 32 protons and 57 neutrons are accepted by 107Ag silver atoms vibrating at a 38,931,841 Hz resonance with gold. This newly recognized metabolic process leaves nanoclusters of gold deposited on exposed silver binding sites, as further transmutation takes place within the bodies of the microbes whereby ingested silver is converted into gold nanorods.

The rediscovery of biological transmutation in yeast species restores ancient metallurgical knowledge and informs a scientific reinterpretation of enigmatic passages from the Bible. Biblical accounts of the divine presence often refer to a sacred substance called manna, which was used in making holy items such as the 'bread of life' (or showbread) and the 'living water'. However, this holy bread was not simply produced by a common baker. Instead, Moses commanded the goldsmith Bezaleel to prepare manna for the 'Bread of the Presence of God' - apparently using yeast to convert silver nanopowder into gold. Many unmistakable references preserved in the Book of Exodus confirm the biological process of atomic transmutation was used in the enrichment of food and water for the elevation of human consciousness. Advanced material and spiritual knowledge possessed by Moses is revealed in his demonstration that the presence of God is not conferred by gold idols, but by gold nanoparticles in sacred bread and water:
When Moses approached the camp and saw the calf and the dancing, his anger burned... He burnt the golden calf - melted it down, and then filed it to dust; and that the powder to which it was reduced might be taken notice of throughout the camp, he strewn it upon the water which they all drank of. He did this that it might appear that an idol is nothing in the world, he reduced this to atoms, that it might be as near nothing as could be. (32:19-20)



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