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The Annunaki & Genetic Engineering

Lloyd Pye is an author and researcher widely known for his work with the Starchild Skull. He returns to talk about the Annunaki, DNA, genetic engineering of the human species and the origins of the human race. Other Topics Discussed: the "hobbits", Annunaki's reasons for coming to Earth, gold, mitochondrial DNA, The Genographic Project, the Nephilim, origins of civilization, mythology from around the world supporting the intervention theory, Michael Cremo, OOPart's (Out-of-place artifact), world wide cataclysm, Toba catastrophe theory (recognized as one of the earth's largest known eruptions). For our members, we discuss the “bad design” of the human being. We also talk about the human foot prints left in Laetoli, Tanzania. Later, we talk about the properties of Annunaki genes which we possess in part and which has created a schizoid state for humans. For the last part, we talk about the origins of technological development, artificial intelligence and we get a brief update on the Starchild Skull. More Topics Discussed: differences between animals and humans, how to adapt to nature, intelligence, the human brain, how DNA research might connect with the drive to "unlock" the full potential of the human brain.

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Email Belinda: to get a copy of Lloyd's book "Everything you Know is Wrong"

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