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Disciples of the Mysterium

Michael Tsarion was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland and is an author, public speaker, conspiracy theorist, and historian whose topics include religion, symbolism, sidereal astrology, mythology, the occult, and Atlantis. Michael returns for the third part in our miniseries. In this program we talk about the "Disciples of the Mysterium", the philosophical aspects behind tyranny, control and human perception of reality. We discuss the mysterium possessed man, Freudian and Jungian concepts of God, oneness vs. allness, the ego as the mysterium and much more. Topics Discussed: technology of human behaviour, B. F. Skinner, J.B. Watson, Nietzsche, philosophy as a discipline, Heidegger, rationalists, existentialism, theory of neurosis, hysteria, bicameral mind, Julian Jaynes, subject/object problem, dualism, primal trauma, creation of ego, Plato, Atlantis, one & oneness, God, Vanilla Sky, Solaris, Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, seeking for the essence, truth, nature of reality is projection, quantum science, evil, Taoism, Dune and much more. In our second hour with Michael Tsarion we discuss the world today, various philosophers and philosophies. Michael ties things together with his mysterium thesis. We talk about virtual reality, how we perceive the world, the Cartesian world view and how we are being shaped by belief and how it dominates our view of the world. Then, Michael talks about how nature creates the mind, anthropomorphism, the shamanic approach, the limitations of the brain and existence. Don't miss our conclusion of this miniseries. Topics Discussed: the world today, technology, Emmanuel Kant, Voltaire, reproducing experimentation, cold fusion, ideographic, nomothetic, curing ageing, probing nature, technological mysterium, religious mysterium, fear, scientism, das man, being onto death, the thrice dead, nature creates the mind, shaman, existence, objectivity, filtering the world, the limited brain, virtual reality, anthropomorphism, Rilke, force your footprint on nature, technology, Cartesian world view, Rene Descartes, haunted by the mysterium, deconstruction, holographic universe, trinity, Delta, triangle, facticity, time and much more.

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